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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. EZSubscribe
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    A simple script that will allow people to sign up to your mailinglist.

  2. File Responder
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    Want to collect email addres(ses) from the ones who are downloading your programs? Use fileresponder from sylconia, your visitor's send an email to your fileresponder requesting the file they normally would download and fileresponder will return the file automaticly as attachment and also log the email address so you can use it later like sending updates or other release notes. Easy installation and a fully customizable control center.

  3. FollowUp-It email autoresponder
    $39 - Platform(s): UNIX
    You can send unlimited followup emails automatically. Make as many sequential letters as you need and send them at the interval you specify in the script. The script personalises messages by including the clients name in the body of the message. Allows for multiple sets of letters and multiple products. Easy to set-up and configure in 10 minutes. Installs and runs on your web site with no extra monthly charges. Unlimited products, unlimited followups, unlimited users. One-click remove link. FollowUp-It works without CRON jobs (which are not allowed on many servers). Everytime the script is called as people sign up, it activates. When activated, FollowUp-It checks and see if it needs to send your contacts. It's simple, efficient, and Automatic!

  4. Group Mailer
    Free/$20 - Platforms: Unix, Win32
    Maintain multiple mailing lists/databases easily with this program. Personalize each email to each person while still mass mailing the group at ease.

  5. GroupMail
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    GroupMail is a full-featured web-based email client capable of serving any number of users consistent with available server resources. It is intended for use by people who are connected in some fashion such as within an office environment, a business, school, church, social or cultural group, family group etc. Members are known to each other via a posted list and can communicate using a private Intercom facility.

  6. GroupMail Secure
    $119 - Platform(s): Unix
    Offer your visitors privacy and security in addition to a full-featured messaging facility. GroupMail can support a large number of users efficiently and can run as a typical email service such as Hotmail, Everyone.net portals etc. or as an intercom facility for a group of users or both. It uses one POP email account as a post office for email users and with Intercom enabled, messages are deposited directly into recipients in-boxes, never leaving the server. Main features include: multiple mail folders, full MIME support for sending and receiving attachments, storage for uploaded files, full message forwarding and replying, address book, password management, third-party forwarding accepted, a powerful administration facility, configurable page style and much more. This version provides strong security against false login attempts, password compromise, access to personal data and many other common threats encountered on the internet. Included are: Full, web-based instructions and user manual, a web page template, free support and free upgrades for all releases of this version.

  7. HiMail Free
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, Windows NT/2000
    HiMail Free is a highly configurable, easy to install cross-platform (UNIX/NT/Win2k) form mailer, with the distinct advantage that it actually performs a check to see if the form was successfully emailed. If not, the browser is presented with a series of sensible options, including placing the content of the form into an Email, and mailing that using the users mail client, eg Outlook Express. HiMail Free is supplied with an example Contact Form configured for HiMail, and customisable confirmation page template. See HiMail Pro for more features.

  8. HiMail Pro
    $68 - Platform(s): Unix, Windows NT/2000
    HiMail Pro is an extension of HiMail Free. It is also highly configurable, easy to install and cross-platform compatible. HiMail Pro also performs a check to see if the form was successfully emailed. If not, the browser is presented with a series of sensible options, including placing the content of the form into a standard Email. Additionally, HiMail Pro is capable of sending an attractive HTML Confirmation Email - example template supplied. HiMail Pro is also supplied with a configured example Contact Form, and customisable confirmation page template.

  9. IBO FollowUp
    $29 - Platform(s): UNIX/Linux
    IBO FollowUp is a completely automated system that delivers instant information to your potential customers, and then follows up with them, automatically over the coming days, weeks, and months. Features: Easy to set-up and configure in 10 minutes, Installs and runs on your web site with no extra monthly charges, no limit on the number of autoresponders, no limit on the number of follow up messages, personalization, no limits to the amount of email you can send, one-click "remove me" link, send reports to administrator.

  10. Inquiry Handler
    $50 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT, Win2000
    Keep track of your customers questions and potential sales. Allows customers to check on their inquiry status, and update their inquiry. Open/Closed and high priority inquiry settings. Click to find out more...

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