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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. Bennie Webdesign Mailinglist Server v1.0
    $75.00 - Platform: Unix
    Unlimited number of lists; Automated account confirmation by e-mail; Automated password recovery for users; Easy administration interface for users; Easy send e-mail to all members by administration interface; Automated footer text to all outgoing e-mail; Installation Support.

  2. BNB's NoMoDoMo
    Free - Platforms: Unix, Windows
    Nomodomo is a mailing list management system. It consists of a subscribe/unsubscribe script that is easy to configure, and prevents duplicate entries. The management tool allows you to prune lists, compose letters, and send mail.

  3. BTSmailer
    $199.00 - Platform(s): UNIX
    This CGI script is built for the professional.- If you are frustrated with your desktop mailer and related PORT25 problems, or you are in need of a reliable email distribution script - then our CGI mailer is the answer. Features advanced features that you simply won’t find in similar CGI mailers. Offers reporting to your server in order to confirm deliverability; Offers batching so that you can have control over the size and speed of your mailing; Script comes with all the support you will ever need.

  4. CashMail
    $500.00 - Platform: Unix
    Allows you to run a pay per email opt-in list like the big boys for a fraction of the costs!

  5. CGI City's Mail Dispatcher
    $30.00 - Platform: Unix
    Mail Dispatcher is a Perl program that handles the tedious task of sending out (dispatching) regularly scheduled email messages. This is particularly useful for people who always have to send several email messages to multiple recipients on a regular basis, but would like to automate the routine. An example of this type of application is sending out a monthly billing statement via email. With Mail Dispatcher, the user simply enters all the information (such as Date-To-Send, Recipient, Subject, and Main Message) into a flat-file database and leave everything up to the script.

  6. CGI City's Mail-A-File
    $30.00 - Platform: Unix
    Mail-A-File is a web-based email program (written in Perl) with file attachment features. The program allows any user to send an email from a web-based form to any recipient with a valid email address plus the ability to attach a file to the email message. This is a great feature to add to both business and personal web sites.

  7. CGI-Subscribe
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A simple program that lets users sign up on your website to be added to your mailing list. Webmasters can then email all users on the list. Each message also contains an unsubscribe link for users who wish to get off the list.

  8. cgiemail
    Free - Platform: Unix
    The purpose of cgiemail, a CGI program written in C for Unix, is to take the input of WWW forms and convert it to an e-mail format defined by the author of the WWW form, so that the resulting e-mail messages are not difficult to sort through. Using it requires slightly more work than forms-to-email programs with less flexibility in e-mail format.

  9. CommunityMail
    $50.00 - Platform: Unix
    Unlimited lists, a simple point-and-click interface, browser-based customization and free installation make CommunityMail a dream for anyone who wants to host hassle-free mailing lists. But list-imports, automatic unsubscription, email verification, private lists, optional demographics and mail-merges make it perfect for power-users.

  10. CosmicMailing List Manager
    $39 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, Windows NT, 2000, etc
    CosmicMailing is a profesional browser based mailing list management system boasting advanced features including:- Variable configuration for the main program and individual lists in an easy to use form (no editing of text files). Advanced cheater protection allowing you to ban e-mail address's and domains. Built in file upload system for pre-saved messages and download attachments. Easy to use message form with a pagepreview before sending. Send e-mail's in HTML or standard text. This program can support multiple mailing lists, there is no limit on how many you can have. For more information click on our link above.

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