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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. VisualMail
    975 - Platform(s): Unix
    VisualMail is a web-based e-mail client that allows users to access their e-mails from any device, anywhere in the world. VisualMail is a highly scalable and robust webmail platform designed to support millions of users while delivering the industry's best performance and availability. The unique open architecture design of VisualMail uses XML and Unicode technologies to provide internationalization, localization, extreme customization, greater flexibility and an unlimited number of integration options.

    VisualMail empowers users with wireless and fixed devices to easily access and interact with e-mail, allowing them to access their messages using any browser-based device such as a standard PC/Mac computers, cellular phones (WAP or iMode), PDA, WebTV or Internet Kiosks without having to configure anything. VisualMail is a front-end application that runs entirely on the server and does not require any client side software or configurations.

    VisualMail offers a completely integrated and comprehensive set of features and functionalities that are not found on standard mail interfaces. VisualMail is a modular e-mail client compatible with IMAP4, POP3 and Maildir++ servers for mail retrieval and LDAP, SQL for configuration storage. The modules included with the product are Inbox, Composer, Address Books and Directory.

  2. Web Email
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Web Email is a basic CGI script that was created to give the user a starting point with working with CGI scripts and allow them to customize it for their needs. It includes some of the features of its counterpart - Web Email Lite, but not all for simplicity of customization.

  3. Web Email Lite
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a full featured form-to-mail handling script which includes a fully customizable autoresponse from within the form. Just enter the approporiate data in the input fields and see the automatically generated autoresponse that was specified fully within the form. This script is capable of performing many things, from simple URL redirection to other more complex purposes.

  4. Web Email Distribution List
    Free - Platforms: Unix
    Based on Web Email Lite, this script allows you to maintain an email distribution list on your web site. It is designed to allow you to make it as private or public that you would like by how you put the forms up on your website and how you configure the CGI script. It is also designed to allow you to maintain multiple email lists with only one cgi-bin script.

  5. WebMail
    $10 - Platform: Unix
    WebMail is a program that will allow your company to effectively keep your visitors, clients, suppliers abreast of new developments, products, or services your company has to offer. WebMail has been designed to help your company lower cost associated with mail catalogues, magazine advertisements, or direct mailing.

  6. World Wide PicMail
    Free - Platform(s): ALL
    This simple script helps you verify your mailing list by inserting an image in your HTML mailings that will confirm that email address exists. You must be able to send HTML messages and your mailing list software must also be able to insert the users email address into the message body.

  7. WebUMake Mail
    $299 - Platform(s): Unix, Windows
    Allows you to provide web-based email to your users with a browser interface and a secure, administered environment. You can provide unlimited addresses for multiple domains using just a single catchall POP account. Can be integrated with WebUMake Web.

  8. WonderDesk
    $499 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95, Win98
    Wonderdesk is a fully automated help desk CGI script. Increase your level of customer support by using this help desk script. It will keep your incoming support calls organized and allow your users (customers) to track the progress/solution to their support request. No more need to have a support email account that becomes cluttered and disorganized. This Help Desk script will do it all for you.

  9. World Wide List Manager
    $30.00 - Platform: Unix
    Want to run your own ListBotŪ type service? This script will allow you to do just that. It offers mailing list owners the ability to allow users of their site to OPT-IN on their mailing list. Mailing list owner can mail to the list at anytime. Owner can have multiple mailing list, can delete lists and/or users. Owner can also change their email return address as well as their password. Owner receives HTML code to cut and paste into their site. All mailing list MEMBERS can unsubscribe at anytime and are given the link to unsubscribe in EVERY MAILING. Admin of the script can send all the owners a system wide message. Admin can delete users. Admin can set an advertisement that will be tagged to the foot of EVERY mailing that owners send. Works off of the UNIX sendmail program.

  10. World Wide List Manager 3.0
    $49.95 - Platform(s): UNIX
    Here are some of the options of the NEW List Manager: Send mailings with file attachments. Run moderated discussion lists. Admin approval on moderated messages. Users unsubscribe with email address used on the list. Email addresses in links are encrypted. You can upload files to the list manager through your browser or ftp to use as attachments. Timeouts bypassed. No more annoying sendmail timeouts. You can import addresses via your browser. You choose whether or not to notify importees that they were imported. You can invite users to your list. When an invitation is sent, there is a link in the email that will automatically add them to the list if the user clicks it. Statistics on subscriptions and unsubscriptions. HTML is automatically generated so you can cut and paste the subscribe/unsubscribe forms into your web pages. You can create a ban list. And much. much more.

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