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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. Speedy Delivery
    $125 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    Need to send a message to your site visitors? You can trust speedy delivery. Supports an unlimited number of lists, validation, banning, message-based addressing, templates, and more!

  2. StepWeb's Auto Mail
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows you to send the same e-mail to a list of many e-mail addresses (mailing list). But the recipient of the e-mail will get the impression that the e-mail was written only to her/him, by personalizing the e-mail.

  3. Subscribe Me
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Designed to assist with the building, maintaining, and mailing to your customer/prospect mailing lists, Subscribe Me offers hands-free maintenance while building a mailing list/prospect base. Simply type in or copy/paste any text documents you create to automatically email them to your entire mailing list.

  4. SW Follow Up Autoresponder
    $59 - Platform(s): UNIX/Linux
    Follow Up autoresponder with no limit on the number of autoresponders, no limit on the number of follow up messages, full personalization, admin interface, file attachments, "unsubscribe me" link, HTML code generator, importing and exporting email lists, checking for duplicates, works without CRON jobs.

  5. SunnyScript's MailingStar
    Platform: Unix
    MailingStar is a powerful mailing list management system suited for versatile applications. Infinite number of mailing lists supported; fully customizable list messages (e.g. welcome new users, (un-)subscriptions, message headers and footers, ...). A wide range of professional features is available, like moderated online (un-)subscriptions, powerful list and user management, statistics & reports, sending of attachment using MIME compliant mails, e-mail import utility, fraud prevention and much more. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software!

  6. TotalNews
    $300 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    This is by far the best Opt-In Newsletter program we have ever seen anywhere. This allows FULL control over every aspect of your newsletter from a simple to use Admin panel, not a config file that has to be updated and uploaded, etc.

  7. Trick Mail
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    Trick Mail is an easy to install but powerful script that lets users send e-mails using whatever address they want for their self and webmasters to control users and messages.

  8. Ultimate Mail
    Free - Platform: Unix
    One of the most fully featured free mail list scripts out there. Features include: automatic subscribe/unsubscribe, personaliztion features, automatic confirmation emails, password protected admin, file locking, and more.

  9. Vanity Mail
    FREE - Platform(s): Unix
    With "Vanity Mail", it becomes easy to allow your visitors to create email addresses @your domain that automatically get forwarded to their real address. "Vanity Mail" also includes an administration utility that allows the administrator to validate users before allowing them to create aliases.

  10. Virtual Form Mail v1.0
    $19.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Virtual Form Mail is unlike all normal Form Mailers. It offers features above and beyond what even the most advanced form mailer should do. Not only can it email textboxes, but it has the facility to attach files of many types to the emails. If you wish, it can also save the submited forms to the server for later review. It has a fully featured administration script, allowing you, the admin, to review, delete or archive all the previously submited forms. It is designed to be very dynamic, doing almost anything you want it to do.

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