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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. PerlDomo
    This package manages a mailing list. It allows people to subscribe and unsubscribe to the list via html forms. The administrator can send mass mailing (password protected) to those subscribed directly from the web. This is an easy way to keep a web-based email list.

  2. Petidomo
    $289 - Platform: Unix
    You can use Petidomo to configure and maintain your mailing lists out of your favorite WWW browser. It comes with a CGI manager that you copy into your cgi-bin directory and it simplifies the mail list administration.

  3. Power List
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Power List is a great little mailing list for webmasters to use to let viewers of their web site to add (or delete) their email address from your mailing list. A great way to keep people up to date on the happens of your website, and bring them back again.

  4. QuickEMailer by ScriptCreations, Inc.
    Free - Platform: Unix
    QuickEMailer is a CGI to allow people to send you an email from your webpage.

  5. R-Mail aka RobMail
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/NT
    R-Mail, aka RobMail, allows webmasters to provide visitors with the option of joining a mailing list. Opt-in or out! This venerable script has been around for years and is one that every web designer should have in his or her toolkit. What we have done is take his well designed set of scripts and tweaked them. Now they are easier to install and maintain. Additionally we have redesigned the user and admin consoles to make them visually more appealing (in our humble opinion). All copyrights are maintained by RobMail and is distributed by eBizOne.com for free.

  6. Radiation RadBot
    $750 - Platform: Unix
    RadBot provides a comprehensive email document request engine that allows users to easily retrieve information through immediate response email. It also supports an infinite variety of email conferences, including both private and public discussion conferences.

  7. SimpleSubscribe
    $25 - Platform: Unix
    A simple script that will allow people to subscribe to your mailing list.

  8. Slot Machine - Opt-In Email Collection Script
    Platform: Unix
    Clever opt-in email collection cgi script which allows visitors to your site to play a virtual "slot-machine" to win a product or get a free membership to your website. Player can "warm-up" spinning the slot machine as many times as they want before spinning for real. Multiple security features allow you to prevent abusers from using bots or cheating the system. Requires real email address to collect prize. If you setup the slot machine for "products" you can also customize and link the slot machine images so visitors are looking at products from your site. When they click on one of the images they are taken to a special product information url. Great way to build targeted email lists from your visitors and great promotional tool.

  9. Solatis Mailing List
    $50.00 - Platform: Unix
    Sending out a newsletter must be one of the best ways to have your visitors come back. So why don't you do it professionally with this mailing list manager? You can send out in categories, ask your visitors for information, and lots more!

  10. SpamBuster
    $14.95 - Platform(s): UNIX/Linux
    (For users of sendmail and qpopper). Many web servers running sendmail are setup with the modern "qpopper" for added POP/SMTP security. This "qpopper" and "update_pop" script, cause the sendmail spam control feature to be disabled. The sendmail spam control is also known as "/etc/mail/access" which contains a list of addresses, domains and/or IP numbers to be blocked from sending email to the server or relaying from the server. The update_pop script included with the qpopper program, wipes the /etc/mail/access file each time it runs (usually runs hourly). (For those of you that use that file and never knew why it was always empty even after adding addresses to it.) The /etc/mail/access is also written with popauth IP#'s for users logged into their POP mailbox. Therefore, using our SpamBusterô script will ensure the file is always up to date.

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