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Logging and Statistics
  1. User Fingerprints
    Free - Platform(s): *nix
    Tracks date, IP, browser, processor, JavaScript Disabled, screen dimensions, color depth, and referer. easy to set up and use - uses the image tag to track.

  2. W3Perl
    $50 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Mac, RiscOS
    The aim of this shareware package is to produce an easy to understand and powerful stats analyser which can easily be configured. Graphical and textual informations are used to have a better view of the 'success' of your WWW server among Internet users.

  3. WebAccess
    Free - Platform: Unix
    WebAccess by DGS is simply one of the most powerful web access programs around. WebAccess boasts: User friendly feature rich customization options; Easy to read customizable reports; Easy Setup - you can be up and running in minutes; Reports by Day, Hour, Page, IP, and Top-level-Domain-name; Hot buttons to track specific IP, Page, or Time; User Defined Filters such as view only and remove items; Date range and Relative Date support; Referer log script to see how people are finding your page; And much More ...

  4. WebLog
    Free - Platform: Unix
    WebLog is a comprehensive access log analysis tool. It allows you to keep track of activity on your site by month, week, day and hour, monitor total hits, bytes transferred and unique domains visiting, and keep track of your most popular pages.

  5. WebLogger
    $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    WebLogger logs everything about the visitor parameters, such as IP, Browser, Browserlanguage, Agent, Resolution, Colordepth and Referrer. WebLogger has also a page statistic, that shows which pages are visited by the visitors. A other statistic shows which files are downloaded from your page. WebLogger is all you need.

  6. WebMaster
    Free/$35.00 - Platform: Unix
    Raises your website’s search engine placement with advanced meta tag techniques, provides a central location for meta tag modifications, and tracks all referral websites so you know where the hits are coming from, and more. Easy to use and install.

  7. WebScripts' CounterLog, AgentLog and RefLog
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Counterlog monitors accesses to any pages which contain an SSI code referencing it. It can create NCSA-format agent and referer logs, which can be handy if your server doesn't happen to already provide you with that information. It can also be used to put text-based access counters on some or all of your pages. (Requires SSI.)

    AgentLog analyzes NCSA-format extended or agent logs and produces reports listing the agents (browsers) and platforms (operating systems) utilized by visitors to your pages.

    Reflog analyzes NCSA-format extended or referer logs and produces a report logging the URLs reported by browsers as the "referers" directing them to your pages. It can also create a secondary report showing the keywords your visitors used in various search engines and directories to locate you.

  8. Website Reporter
    Website Reporter is a professional website tracking program for business and personal sites. The graphs can be displayed in any of hundreds of ways. Website Reporter not only gives you the standard features of any site analysis tool, but you can graph by month, week, day, page, or even pick any day to any other day in the log. The custom graphs are displayed and based only on the selected information.

  9. WebStats - Server Edition
    $250 - Platform: Unix
    Get your site stats by hits daily, monthly, or hourly. Track unique visitors - unlike the raw hit's stats it gives you information about how many people - "unique visitors" (unique IPs) visit your site. Supports multiple pages with 1 account. You can monitor any number of pages from your site and find which is the most popular. See daily access logs - each hit to the monitored pages is registered with the following information: time, referral url, domain providing the internet access & IP number, user agent and platform, page path. Know which countries the hits are coming from. This gives you demographic stats so you can learn if you need to launch a mirror site in different language.

  10. WWWstats
    Free - Platforms: Unix, Win32
    WWWstats are some simple Perl scripts that read the log of a WWW server and extracts some statistics from it, presented as HTML web pages. They are meant for use by a single person, but could probably be used by large sites as well.

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