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Logging and Statistics
  1. StatsCounter
    StatsCounter is a powerful counter script, that produces, organizes and maintains access statistics. StatsCounter produces all the statistics that everybody wants, as well as deleted automatically old data files, not needed by the counter anymore.

  2. SunnyScript's MagicStatistics
    Platform: Unix
    MagicStatistics is a reliable website traffic analysis software. It creates comprehensive reports about the user activities on your website. Many professional features are supported, like archiving log files and reports, custom real-time reports, versatile display options, automatic scheduling via crontab and more. Generated reports are in a very attractive layout; in addition, they can be also sent by e-mail automatically. So you never miss a statistic. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software!

  3. Super Stat
    $149 - 1,299
    This script lets you get: The path your users take through your site; Where they came from, like the search engines(along with the queries); Daily, Weekly, Monthly Stat reports; Your visitors' Browser, Computer Type, Operating System, and Domain Name; Your site's disk usage for each day; The remote links the user clicked on to leave your site; and many more.

  4. systemstatus
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Scripts outputs current users logged on, processes, system load, swap/memory/disk usage and web server hits.

  5. The Ultimate Ad Tracker
    $29 - Platform: Unix
    This script is perfect for tracking specific ads. Features include: Track total hits and total unique hits,All hits logged in an easy to read graphical format, Track hits and unique hits by month, day, even down to the hour, Better file locking to handle much heavier loads, Ability to edit all accounts, Shows ratio of unique hits to total hits, and more.

  6. Top
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a Perl cgi script to print the top# acceded pages on a WWW server.

  7. Tracing Visitor's Footsteps
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a good script if you wish to see what pages a particular visitor viewed while on your site.

  8. Traffic Log
    Free/$25 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Web Statistics without server logs or SSI. Traffic Log enables you to track hits and unique visitors, hits by page, and captures the entry page for each visitor.

  9. View Server Errors Script
    Free - Platform: Unix
    If you are putting scripts online, you should have access to your server's error log. This script displays the last 10 errors recorded in your server's log helping you in debugging your routines. . This script can also be used in reading the last 10 entries of your access log by configuring your access log path into the script instead.

  10. VReport
    $30.00 - Platform: Unix
    VReport allows you to collect specific information from individual visitors to specific web pages using an SSI tag. It is easier to use than most log programs and allows you to view and retrieve visitor reports with the click of a button. VReport provides valuable information in helping you manage and market your web site. Know who's visiting your web site with VReport.

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