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Logging and Statistics
  1. CountLogCreator
    $49 - Platform: Unix
    CountLogCreator sets up your own counter and page logging on as many pages with as many styles as you wish. CountLogCreator does it all for you...automatically, within your browser and without any configuration or setup. It automatically creates a sample HTML page containing the code. You can place your logo (or any other image) below your counter with a link it to any URL. It includes the superb AXS Site Tracker as logging module. Requires SSI.

  2. Daily Stats
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Perlfect Daily Stats is a web server log analysis tool that generates daily activity reports for your site. It produces breakdowns of: (a) document hits/views (b) referring urls (c) referring domains (d) site entry points/gateways (e) referring protocols. Reports are formatted in HTML. Report data is sorted and is accompanied with the respective percentages and graphical bar charts.

  3. DBasics Statistical Counter
    This is the single-user script modeled after DBasics' counter service which has served thousands of sites. The single-user version script provides all the same detailed statistics for pages by date, time, hour of the day, accesses by country, unique visitor statistics, browser types and even links. All displayed in easy to read graphs allowing filtering for specific page analysis.

  4. Download Monitor
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Download monitor will provide you with detailed statistics of multiple file downloads. Reports download totals, downloaders IP, and other statistics. Comes with a usefull admin kit where you can view all statistics. Also records email addresses (optional) if you would like to inform users of updates/changes or new releases of your downloads.

  5. EasyLog
    This is a simple Server Side Includes script that can "watch" a given page, and add entries to a HTML file reporting what browser they are using, when they accessed your page, and a few other pieces of information.

  6. EasyStats
    $25 - Platform: Unix
    This is a super hot stats CGI that basically collects all the info you need on your sites visitors, including where they go when they leave!

  7. EKLog
    Free - Platform: Unix
    It's a web page counter-logger that keeps track of visitor count and other information. The count can be displayed as text or image. A number of customisations can be made, and a web-based statistics page is available.

  8. eQuotes
    Free - Platform(s): all
    This script will manage and display categorized quotes on your website. Posting positive customer feedback on your site is proven to encourage new purchases, eQuotes will make it easy for your customers to submit comments and even easier for you to manage and display these comments. You could also use this script to display quotes by famous people on your site. We use eQuotes on our own sites to display quotes by satisfied customers.

  9. eWLA : eWebLogAnalyzer
    Free - Platform: Unix
    e Web Log Analyzer (eWLA) is a web server log file analysis program which produces detailed usage statistics. It's responses in graphical and tabular form.

  10. EZLog
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a CGI interface to Analog, the popular log analysis tool. It's easier to use than the command line or setting up a cron job. It scans realtime for new log files every time you run the script.

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