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Logging and Statistics
  1. AXS Site Tracking System
    AXS records visits to your web page and processes those records into meaningful graphs and database listings. The scripts tell you where visitors are coming from, charts their flow through your site, and tells you which links they follow when leaving. In addition, it records their server name, IP address, type of web browser, and time of visit.

  2. Bennie Webdesign Stats v2.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Use this script to create a log file which you can analyse with a programm like FastStats 2.51. Change only one variable. You can view the log file online as well, but the data is not really organized. Once you've opened the logfile in FastStats you'll be able to get all the statistics you want! Number of visits, browser and OS used, entering point, URL referrers, most popular pages, most recent accesses: you name it!

  3. Bestdam Logger / Counter
    Free / $20 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Bestdam Logger will auto - e-mail hit stats and logs daily or weekly. Easy-to-read columnar format. Optional counter can be invisible, text, or graphics. Multi-page support. Optional history log, re-settable counts, double-spacing of report. Very customizable. Free Lite version. Perl 4 script. Requires SSI.

  4. ClickCount
    Free - Platforms: Unix,, WinNT
    ClickCount is a FREE Program that will keep track of all hits and clicks on any link on your page. It includes an online viewer, with color tables, to view the log online. Password is changeable for viewer.

  5. Chatologica WebStats - Server Edition
    $250 - Platform: any
    Start your own webstats and top sites service like hitbox.com and superstats.com. Reffereal partners earn 35% commission.

  6. Click N Log
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Click N Log is a simple and effective logging tool to tell what your visitors are clicking on. It stores the date and the users IP number as well as the destination link.

  7. ClickLog
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Perlfect Clicklog lets you track users clicking links on your web site. It works by redirecting accesses to a URL (or local pathname) passed as a parameter. You can use this script to track any activity you want: (a) circulation/distribution of traffic (b) users downloading files (c) click-thrus on advertising banners/buttons. The script keeps a log of accesses marking the source and target URLs along with a count associated to each pair. The log is a plain text file which can be further processed to produce reports.

  8. Colored Scripts Hit Statistics
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Separate tracking of visitors and hits. Hits are grouped by continent, country, referrer, target, software used. Comfortable graphic interface.

  9. Count N' Log
    The script is written in PERL (CGI) and requires Server Side Includes (SSI) in order to run properly. Also, this script keeps count and track of all the people who vist your page. You have the option to display your text counter or to keep it hidden. Also, this script allows you the ability to log certain information about the user (Time, Type of Brower, Previous page, and their Internet Access Provider).

  10. CountDown
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Countdown will log hits for multiple file downloads from your site. It records the hits for all files in a single log file, orders the file (max-to-min), and then auto-forwards the user to the download. No prompts are given to the user.

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