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  1. PerlParser
    $35 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    This is a script for developers to easily see what bits of their perl code does. Just paste in your perl code and see the output instantly.

  2. Perl WBMP Generator
    200 USD - Platform(s): Unix, NT
    This Perl 5 library allows easily dynamically generate WBMP images for wireless applications (WAP/WML). It can open, mix, layer, modify, save and send WBMP images.

  3. PhraseFinder
    $50 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    PhraseFinder is a multi-purpose mini-search engine that searches a directory of your choice for a specific keywords. This pretty utility utilizes the use of templates for 100% customization.

  4. Protected File Download Utility
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This Perl program provides control for file you distribute. It allows only registered users to download files, and keeps log of all transactions. You will see it at work while downloading it.

  5. Real Time Weather
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win9x
    A PERL engine that constantly updates your webpage with real time weather information from anywhere in the world for free!

  6. Remind.exe Standalone .exe Reminder CGI for windows
    $66.00 - Platforms: WinNT, Win95/98
    No Perl. No Programming. The Remind.exe CGI allows you to collect email addresses from visitors to your website. Then when you have something new to announce the Remind.exe CGI will send an email to each email address on your list! This is a great way to keep people coming back to your site! Plus you get a good idea who is interested in your site as you have all of the email addresses.

  7. SearchExpired
    $69 - Platform(s): UNIX, Windows
    SearchExpired is the tool allows domain registration providers provide searching expired domain names on their web site and give the opportunity user order those domain in their site. It is a great way to increase your profit and attract visitors to your hosting and domain registration website.

  8. SEWatch
    $25 - Platform: Unix
    SEWatch is a small utility script to watch Search Engine activity on your site.

  9. site mirror
    $free/$5 - Platform(s): Unix
    This script is usefull if you have webpages or files on free webservers that are not always running. The script will redirect the visitor to a backup site if the 1st one is down. You can have as many backup sites as you want.

  10. Site Replicator Wizard
    $249 or $19/month - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    This is unlike any other replication program and is not an MLM replicator. Easily replicate, personalize, host and manage unlimited websites - right from your browser! Enables Webmasters, Internet marketers and Product Developers to offer free or fee-based marketing websites to customers purchasing their resellable or reproducible products. Browser based and easy to use. Free installation on your current domain or a new one that we host. View our live demo and tour. Low priced leasing available.

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