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  1. Net Whois
    NetWHOIS is the ultimate whois registration tool for web designers who provide hosting - NetWHOIS queries the InterNIC whois database for available domain-names, if the chosen domain is available NetWHOIS steps the user through a registration wizard (which includes credit-card authorization authorization for orders) once complete an email is sent to the InterNIC and the domain-name is registered and live within hours.

  2. Nightly Backup - Automated website archiver - mirror - backup utility
    Platform: Unix
    If you make money online then you know your website is your lifeline. Keep your password databases, billing databases, or even your entire website safe and secure on multiple webservers! Now you can sleep assured that your files can be restored in seconds from a perfect backup done automatically as often as you wish. Easy to setup script that will archive and transfer a copy of your entire website or any directory of files to another server to provide you with a nightly, weekly, or monthly automated backup. Files are not overwritten so there is no danger of file corruption caused if backups fail and write 0K files.

  3. Notify
    Notify is an automated page update notification service script. Allows users to enter their email address and receive email notification of updates on specified pages.

  4. Page Publisher
    $99 - Platform(s): Unix/Windows
    Overwhelmed by a daily avalanche of HTML page changes? Page Publisher is an advanced content management system that allows non-technical users to easily update information on their websites without learning HTML or fear of ruining the site design.

  5. PageRipper v1.5
    $19.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    PageRipper v1.5 is a CGI script which allows webmasters to fetch ANY visible web page, and then use that content on their own site. Very simple, and the possibilities are endless.

  6. PC DupeCheck
    $25 - Platform: Unix
    Checks any list of e-mail addresses and will remove all duplicates. Can run as both a CGI script or a command line tool.

  7. PC NameCheck
    $300 - Platform: Unix
    NameCheck allows you to automatically grab domains as they come off hold status immediately. Uses all know TLDs.

  8. PC Review
    $50 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    Fantastic Review type program. This will list all the reviews you setup with a bit of information. Viewers may then click on the picture to get an enlarged picture and more details as well as a link to the gallery of that specific id.

  9. PC WebDNS
    $400 - Platform: Unix
    Total Web Based DNS / IP management system, simple to use and simple to run. Requires MySQL.

  10. Perl Diver
    Free - Platform: Unix
    PerlDiver digs into your web server's PERL installation and lets you know most of the installed modules, your server's environment variables, and more.

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