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  1. Interactive Fiction
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This Perl script was created for webmasters who want to add the "interactive stories" feature to their websites. The visitors can view/post stories, add to existing stories, and manage their personal profiles. The interactive story authors can decide whether the others can or cannot add new chapters to their stories. The script administrator may require all authors to register in order to post any stories.

  2. interactivetools.com - Jump Box
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/Windows
    Allows users to navigate a website by selecting the area they want to go to from a select box. The script is written in both JavaScript and Perl/CGI. Normally the script redirects site visitors from one page to the other by using JavaScript, however, if a site visitor has JavaScript disabled, the Perl/CGI script will run as a backup.

  3. HiPrint
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/NT
    HiPrint allows webpages that are wider than 630pixels to print perfectly to an A4 page. Will work with any HTML website, of any size. So no longer will you need to compromise site design, or to use framesets to have a website that prints to A4.

  4. IP Converter
    Free - Platform(s): linux/unix
    IP converter hides your real IP. If your IP is, our script converts it to something like http://3633538545.

  5. IPLog
    $25.00 - Platform: Unix
    IP Log is a simple to use script to keep track of all persons entering your site or restricted pages. Uses SSI to operate.

  6. KeyHarvest
    $25 - Platform: Unix
    As the name implies it grabs any number of keywords, relative to the keyword you supply, straight out of AltaVista. This helps greatly add to your existing keyword files.

  7. Load Control
    $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    Load Control is a file download manager script. It allows you to control and track file downloads from your site. Load Control provides download stats, update emails, and download authorization.

  8. Meta Tag Generator
    $20 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    This script will take a users web site description and keywords, it will then email them their proper meta tags. This script is very useful to send an advertisement to the users of this script which might generate some sales for you.

  9. Multi Whois
    10 - Platform: Unix
    Multi Whois allows you to search multiple domains and multiple domain extension all in one go. Very easy to install and configure.

  10. My Little Webring
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    My Little Webring is a script written in perl which allows you to master a webring, in the traditional style, with most, and more features of what yahoo webring has, but with no ugly "navbars"! It is 100% customizable and secure.

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