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  1. EZKWord
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    This script grabs any number of keywords, relative to the keyword you supply, straight out of Overture. This helps greatly to add to your existing keyword files.

  2. Fastgraf Ping
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Ping is a script used to elicit a response from the specified host or network gateway. It is especially useful for fault isolation and as well as connection verification.

  3. Fastgraf Traceroute
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Traceroute is a utility that records the route (data flow) through the Internet between your server and a specified host. Traceroute is a handy tool for understanding where problems are in the Internet network.

  4. File Browser 1.03
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Explore the contents of your server directories. Statistics like filename, filesize, chmod status and modification date. Easy installation.

  5. Fatalyzer
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Bodyfat percentage calculator.

  6. File Transfer System
    The File Transfer System is designed to be installed on a web server along with your html files. Using CGI scripts, clients can remotely make file transfers to/from the server without help from the webmaster. The client can do any of the following on the server: Create directories with password protection (5 user definable levels available); Delete empty directories; Upload files; Download files; Delete files

  7. HackBlock
    19.95 - Platform(s): UNIX/Linux
    HackBlock™ reads your error_log or multiple logs and looks for attacks such as that caused by the Code Red virus and possibly the Nimda virus or others. The HackBlock™ script will grab the offending IP numbers from the log file and add the IP numbers to your /etc/hosts.deny file which will block access to your machine from the offending IP numbers. Other things can also be blocked by simply adding the file paths to the bad_urls.txt file and any entries matching the criteria will also be selected for IP blocking.

  8. HelpMe Exec
    $69.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    HelpMeExec® is THE premier Help Desk System with live chat (like AOL but segregated for each person seeking help) and the ability to offer HELP ME directly from any UNIX hosted web site. Two versions are available. HelpMe Now for personal and corporate web site instant contact and HelpDesk for running a complete live help desk system. Paid download will create your own customized version of HelpMeExec. Installation available.

  9. ICQ Online Status
    $10 - Platform: Unix
    Display your ICQ status on your web page. If you are online, the "online image" will be displayed and vice versa.

  10. iDomainCart
    $149.00 - Platform: Unix
    iDomainCart combines a powerful WHOIS script with a flexible shopping cart, allowing customers to buy multiple domains at once. It includes automatic price and tax calculation in any currency, and support for over 250 top level domains. With quick template-based customisation, it fits easily into your existing page designs. Also features optional integration with automatic credit card processors.

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