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  1. CdomainPro
    $50.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    CdomainPro is the big brother to the free Cdomain script. CdomainPro features its own built in networking support and does not require a whois binary. CdomainPro consists of a single script with 2 built in HTML search interface forms: one for full domains, and one where you can enter the 2nd level domain and check off the TLD. You can also launch it with your own form. CdomainPro does .com, .org, .net, .edu, .mil, .uk and .nl domains. Plus you get to choose two others to be installed into the script when you register.

  2. CGI-Telnet
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    CGI-Telnet allows you to execute commands on your Web Server. It is a useful tool if you don't have telnet/shell access to your server. It is very easy to install and configure. It runs on both Unix and Windows NT. Features include:
    • File Transfers: Upload and Download Files
    • Command Timeouts: Automatically stop commands after the specified timeout period.
    • Real-Time Output: See the output of commands as it is generated.
    • Security: Login required for running commands. Support for Automatic logout.

  3. Chatologica HTTP Benchmark
    Free - Platform: Unix
    a command line perl program to test the performance of your cgi and web applications. It queries in parallel the given URL and generates a performance report.

  4. Chris' Internet Tools: BETTER Whois
    $15 - Platform(s): ALL
    A simple whois program that checks the availability of Domain Names with over 250 different extensions. The script can be completely customised as it uses HTML templates. Error checking is included, as is free installation if required.

  5. Chris' Internet Tools: GOOD Whois
    Free - Platform(s): ALL
    A free WHOIS Script which will check the availability of .com .net .org and all uk Domain Names - the results are easy to understand.

  6. Commander
    Free - Platform: Unix
    The Commander is a web-based UNIX shell interface. From a web browser, this script allows you to run UNIX commands on your web host server (depending on the permissions set by your server administrator). This is particularly useful if your domain hosting provider does not allow telnet access. All you need to do is install the script in your CGI-BIN and call it from any web browser.

  7. ConvertExec
    10.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    ConvertExec saves times and money by allowing you to embed scripts inside scripts to be installed without hunting to escape characters. Build installers for your scripts or use ConvertExec to create sub routines to create a print FILE snipit for html or text files, chmod it and install it. Shareware.

  8. Current Visitors Online
    USD14.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    Show the number of visitors to your website within the past X minutes, hours or days. If the SSI tag is only placed at the main page of the website, the display should be: "There were X visitors reaching this page since the past Y minutes". If the tag is place on EVERY page and Y is set to 1 minute or lower, then it would be quite accurate to say (since the date/time is updated on every reload): "There are currently X unique visitors at this website".

  9. Domain Name Checker
    $80 - Platform: Unix
    This script simply does a whois for the domain you enter. If the domain has already been taken, it indicates that, if it has not it indicates that. It is much more understandable than using whois because 'No match for ....' could be misleading, This one is much clearer.

  10. DomainCart 2.0
    $149 / $99 with discount - Platform(s): Linux/Unix/WinNT/Win2K
    Zaygo DomainCart 2.0 is a complete domain name search, order and registration solution. It allows your customers to search for domain names in over 100 top level domains, including .tv, .md and .ws domains. Domains can be added to a shopping cart, with automatic price and tax calculation. You can set separate prices for different domains, and allow registration for different numbers of years.
    After ordering, DomainCart can send customisable emails to you and your customers, with order details.
    DomainCart 2.0 has easy web-based admin and installation, and is completely customisable using downloadable themes or your own HTML templates.
    DomainCart 2.0 can be upgraded with plugins for automatic domain registration, credit card providers, selling hosting plans, domain transfers, and search wizards.
    DomainCart 2.0 is just $149, but if you change from any other WHOIS script, you can get it for just $99!

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