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  1. WAP Domain Check
    $24.95 - Platform: Unix
    Check the domain availability using a WAP-enabled device. Comes with the WAP input form (domaincheck.wml) and the cgi script (domaincheck.cgi). Not much configuration needed. In the form and script, simply modify the URL to the script.

  2. Webmaster Tools
    $25 (subscription based) - Platform: WinNT, Win95
    A set of tools essential to the webmaster, including promotion tools, cgi scripts, utilities, and more.

  3. YahTool.com v1.0 by DNSecrets.com
    $29.95 - Platform(s): UNIX
    Need an easy way to get into Yahoo? YahTool can find available domains that are still listed in Yahoo! YahTool is invaluable for domain name resellers and/or increase traffic.

  4. WebSupport
    Free/$100 - Platform: Unix
    WebSupport is a CGI application that generates a unique ticket number to track support requests by customers. It is designed specifically for web hosting companies to assist the support team. Customers can keep track of their ticket and will be emailed once thier request has been completed. The admin can change the status of the ticket (new, assigned or completed), post solutions to the problem as well as email the user from a web interface.

  5. WhoDomLite Domain Search
    Free - Platform(s): Linux/Unix/NT/Win2000
    WhoDomLite is a FREE advanced Whois Lookup script used to determine the status of a given domain name. V1.0 Now uses the Shared registry system and supports .com .net .org .co.uk and .org.uk

  6. Whois Multi Domain Name Look-up
    10 - Platform: Unix
    This script is designed to check the availability of multiple domain names selected by the user, There are currently 14 domains in the database although these can be added to at any time. Clear and crisp customisable output page with graphics and a link to show the owner of a registered domain name.

  7. WS Domain Name Finder
    45 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    WS domain name finder is perfect for domain registration companies. Its a fact that good sounding domain name are getting very difficult to find, with this program all it requires are a few chosen keywords and domain name finder will search for lots of unregistered domains, hunting out those forgotten about domains.

  8. WS Whois
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    WS Whois is a totally standalone perl script. It has all the html built in and unlike most other whois scripts it uses no external whois program so should work on any platform (i.e. Windows). It also looks at the domain extension and automatically checks the correct whois server. Supported top level domains are .com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, *.uk, .nl. but it is very easy to add your own.

  9. WWW FTP Client
    Free - Platform(s): UNIX
    WWW FTP Client is a perl cgi script providing ftp client capabilities with the user interface in your browser. Just install it on a remote server and whether you are on a computer with no ordinary ftp client installed or you are connected to the internet through a firewall or a proxy not allowing ftp connections, WWW FTP client allows you to quickly and easily perform all your ftp tasks.

  10. WWW Finger Gateway
    Finger gateway is a program that re-directs the output of the unix command 'finger' to the web browser.

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