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  1. Fake Cron
    Free - Platform: Unix
    If you want some CGIs on your site to run automatically at certain times, and you don't have access to Cron, then this CGI will help you by imitating Cron. You just need to load the CGI in an image tag (instructions provided with script) on a page of your site that is visited at least once a minute. Fake Cron will still run CGIs that it missed, so it's not that bad if wasn't run for more than 1 minute.

  2. @1 Day Publisher
    $34.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    Display the pre-programmed event for the current day on existing web pages via SSI. The event can be a text message or an image, with or without an embedded link.

  3. @1 Quote Publisher
    $14.95 - Platform(s): Unix/Linux
    Display categorized quote/message of the day randomly via SSI.

  4. @1 Word Publisher
    $14.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    Edit multiple web pages via an ordinary browser. Editable text section in a web page is defined using a tag pair (a START tag and an END tag). Password-protected admin interface with view mode. It takes less than 5 minutes to install this script. No SSI required.

  5. AceWhois
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Will Show full whois output including contact details. Option to show either full output or available/unavailable. Uses HTML Templates for ease of use. Will run on NT and Unix. Secure as it is all self contained, No external whois program required. Advanced error checking for misformed domain names.

  6. Active Table
    USD14.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    Plot an MS-Excel or MS-Access table as an HTML table - in your template and your choice of attributes.

  7. AdminPro - FTP-like file management and CGI debugging from your browser
    $20.00 - Platforms: Unix, Windows 95/NT/2K
    AdminPro features an intuitive point-and-click interface that performs like enhanced FTP software to navigate through your directories, upload image and text files, create new directories, modify permissions, delete files and directories - plus full-featured debugging to test the syntax of your CGI scripts - all from your standard web browser.

  8. Age Status Indicator for Files and Folders
    USD19.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    This script checks the age of files and folders and shows "NEW" image indicators according to the age. C/w admin interface. Support 1-level or 3-level age distinction. If pointed to a folder, the script will scan through all files in that folder for newest file (sub-folders and files in sub-folders are omitted).

  9. AlienDomain
    Free - Platform: Unix
    AlienDomain is a FREE script that checks the availability of a given domain name. It can check this domain name under multiple TLD's (Top Level Domains) at once. It uses a simple text file database to store each TLD's whois information- you can easily add more TLD's at any time. It's output is fully configurable - you set the HTML templates and it fills in the details. AlienDomain can even log every query to a log file.

  10. Anaconda Foundation Weather
    $199.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Display specific forecasts or allow your users to specify any city/state or zip code. You have complete control over the look and feel of the weather data. You can even create your own weather icons to match the theme of your website.

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