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Help Desk and Customer Support Scripts
  1. Live Advisor
    $99 - Platform(s): Unix/Win NT/2000
    Real-Time Online Chat Support Software. Live Advisor gives your website customers/visitors instant access to real-time technical support or a Live Advisor for pre-purchasing questions. Runs in the background, and has auto chat window pop-ups with audio alerts, so your administrator is sure to get notified of every new chat session.

  2. Help Desk Online
    $99.95 - Platform: Unix
    Help Desk OnlineTM is a fully automated web based help desk. Written in Perl it can be easily installed on your website. As soon as you replace your support email link with Help Desk Online you will be in full control over your customer support operations:

  3. Inquiry Handler
    $50 - Platform: Unix
    Inquiry Handler is a system designed to handle the customer inquiries your website receives. Information such as date message received and last updated, message priority, staff comments, and more, are tracked on each message you receive. You can set important messages to Priority status, other messages to Open status and old messages to Closed. You can choose what message information to be displayed to your clients when they check their inquiry status. Our experience with Inquiry Handler shows that customers like being able to check up on their inquiry, and that a customer does not pester you with multiple emails.

  4. PerlDesk
    Free - Platform: Unix
    PerlDesk is a fully featured help desk system, it is an ideal solution for companies with more than one technician who are required to support lots of users. Perldesk incorporates many features to streamline support and improve customer relations. Perldesk allows convenient submission of support requests from users, they can either use the web based help desk - or simply send an email which is then logged straight into the perldesk database for staff review.

  5. RealTime Aide Personal Edition
    $275.00 - Platform(s): Unix/Linux
    Add "live" customer service to your web site, easily. RTA Personal Edition features fully customizable Perl script and professionally design web pages. Features include up to 5 helpers online at one time, real time visitor domain name display, "email-a-chat", "push-a-hyperlink" functions and much more.

  6. Simple-Support
    $799 - Platform: Unix
    Simple-Support is a complete web based support system. This system organizes a companies support email into easy to manage tickets assigned to support representatives. With a mysql back end and html output controlled via templates, Simple-Support is easily customized and configured to the look and feel of any site.

  7. SupportMan
    $100 - Platform: Unix
    SupportMan is a simple support request tracking script. It allows for users to submit problems with their hosting accounts and allows administrators to easily see what needs to be done. This script generates unique ticket numbers for each request and allows administration to assign a support tech to each ticket individually, update requests easily, mail request submitter with the actions taken automatically, mail any user in the system from the admin panel easily. System automatically emails submitter with results of their submission.

  8. Website Supporter
    $99 - Platform: Unix, WinXP/2000/NT/98
    Website Supporter is a CGI application designed to increase your level of customer support by generating a unique ticket number for each support request and allowing customers to track the support progress. This benefits the customer and the webmaster by allowing them both to keep track of the request progress, as well as view and edit the support ticket as needed. The webmaster can handle support requests in a more efficient manner by having them organized and rated by priority, date, etc.

  9. WebUMake Instant Helper
    $149 - Platform: Unix
    Effective communication with your customers can make the difference between winning and losing a sale. WebUMake Instant Helper is a tool that makes it easy for people visiting your site to chat with you, instantly, live! Instant Helper has a wealth of features normally only found in expensive products that attract high monthly fees and is more robust and server/bandwidth friendly than cheap imitations.

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