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Guestbook Scripts
  1. Virtual Guestbook
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    This is a simple guestbook system allowing visitors to post a quick comment along with their name and email. A very nice way of getting feedback from your web site visitors. This free guestbook has a simple admin allowing you to delete posts as well as change the style of the guestbook.

  2. VisitorBook
    Free - Platform: Unix
    VisitorBook is a database driven CGI designed to be quick and easy for you to set up, and of course, for visitors to use. One important feature is its ability to limit the number of posts allowed -- an important consideration for high traffic sites.

  3. VizBook-plus
    Free - Platform: Unix
    VizBook is a flexible script with many more options than most similar programs. Basically a guest book type script, webmasters will find other uses for VizBook. All managed from an Administration Page, you can readily change backgrounds, colours, name, font, table colors, switch the input boxes on and off, receive but not display input, include up to three Banner Ad displays, and set up an extra input box or drop down list for your own purpose - plus more. Also via the admin page, VizBook can accept and easily install small pictures of visitors that submit to the list, and like most options, the photos option can be switched off. VizBook comes as two scripts, one creating updates to the HTML page, and the other editing the many options. VizBook works from a DB file allowing visitors to view all entries, not just the main HTML page (number viewed per page is also adjustable). An e-mail list can be readily generated at Christmas or Thanksgiving etc for personal "Best Wishes and Thank you" promo mailings (E-Lists/ListMerge compatible).

  4. ViP.guestbook
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WInNT
    ViP.guestbook acts almost the same as the world famous Matt Wright's guestbook, except it's size is 10 times smaller. The look is quite good and it's just what users are looking for.

  5. WAP Guestbook
    $24.95 - Platform: Unix
    Let visitors sign and view guestbook at your WAP site. You may limit the number of entries to be shown. Built-in badwords filter and automatically screens off unsupported characters in WAP such as "$" and "&". You may clear all entries from a browser. Comes with input WAP form. Very simple configuration.

  6. Web-It's Guestbook
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WInNT
    This is a very simple Perl CGI guestbook script designed for all systems running perl.

  7. Webbook
    Free - Platform(s): All
    Let your visitors create a single webpage on your site,the script uses net::smtp,so there is no need to have an email server of your own. Visitors and the webmaster recieve an email at signup and the visitor can allso edit the webpage at any time,and they will recieve an update email. There is allso an upload function so visitors can upload and use there own image or photo. The scripts lets you add up to 3 links.

  8. World Wide Guest Book
    $20.00 - Platform: Unix
    Introducing the World Wide Guest Book. This Guest Book allows users to register so they can change their comments and pictures from time to time. It allows the user to upload their picture. It also allows other users to contact them without revealing the users email address. Allows users to retrieve their lost password and change their password. Comes with a Bad Word List to censor out objectionable material. Admin Functions. Search by keyword.

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