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Guestbook Scripts
  1. ms-guest by Magnum Solutions
    ms-guest.pl is a simple guest-book script for World Wide Web pages. It allows visitors to a page to write comments which are stored along with their name and email address. These comments can then be viewed by later visitors to the same page.

  2. Midmart Guestbook Server
    $60.00 - Platform: Unix
    Offers you the ability to host an unlimited number of guestbooks on your server. Users can customize not only the appearance of their guesbooks, but also the "Fields." Some of the features include sending emails to owners and visitors, removing a specific entry or all entris of a guestbook. The powerful admin area gives you the ability to view and reset the number of hist generated by guestbooks, delete members, change the header/footer of guestbooks via browser, and much more. Very easy installation.

  3. Monster Guestbook
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    A simple guestbook program. Written entirely in C. Default settings support up to 10,000,000 entries, which can be expanded. Search and browse features. Browsing is done with pre-generated html pages, to reduce CPU load. Simple administration. MySQL version also available.

  4. MultiGuest
    MultiGuest is a Perl program that will remotely host guestbooks for web site owners who have no access to a CGI-BIN or who knows nothing about Perl. It is a program just like L-Page.com and can create as many guestbooks as your server can hold. This version of the program is currently freeware.

  5. My Guestbook
    A quick and easy script to implement and use. Simply set a dozen variables in the config.cgi file, then load and CHMOD the whole lot. This script requires two directories: one in the cgi-bin/cgi directory for the scripts, the other in a separate directory for the data files.

  6. My Guestbook 2.0 Final
    Free - Platforms: Unix / Win9x/ WinNT
    Best and easy to install multiuser guestbook with web admin tool.

  7. myGuestbook
    FREE - Platform(s): UNIX, LINUX, NT
    Full blown customizable guestbook which provides you with many default fields as well as 5 customizable questions! Very attractive design and packed with features. Easy to manage and setup, and requires no in-file modification! Password protected web-based configuration and deleting posts is child's play!

  8. NeoBook
    Free - Platform: Unix
    NeoBook is a guestbook script written in Perl. It features logging of posters' IP addresses, enabling/disabling showing of IP addresses, the ability for users to select icons/images to represent them or their current mood, enable/disable emotion icons, more config option, admin function, delete post, reply to post, modify reply, support long continous thread, and acceptance of HTML tags.

  9. Newbie Perl Archive: Guestbook
    Guest book is a common cgi utility that allow user to leave their comments to the web master. This included an external viewer to split entries into pages and make it really a book!

  10. Online Administrative Feedback Form
    Accoding to the author, this script was based from Matt's Guestbook and WWWBoard Admininstrative Feedback Form. It offers a paginated guestbook (10 entries per page) and an online administration function.

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