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Guestbook Scripts
  1. Etheracidebook
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    This guestbook has fields for a user's name, E-mail address, URL, ICQ Number, and AOL screenname. The posts will make the name a mailto: link to the submitted address. If the user inputs a URL, there will be a home icon in their post which will open their URL in a new window when clicked. If they submit an ICQ number, the post will display an ICQ image which will tell you if they are online or not and you can click it to send them a message. And if they submit an AOL screenname, an AOL image will appear and it will open an IM window to that person when clicked. The script is configured so that no images are posted if the user leaves a field blank. This will save you form having a ton of valueless icons. This also features automatic E-mail thank you and admin notification!

  2. EZRep
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    A self replicating *true* Guestbook. Allows people to signup for and get their own *custom* guestbook from your site free. This has more features than any program similar to it. It has no competition.

  3. FlexBook
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A flexible guestbook script that uses a user-defined template to guide how entries are added, giving you totally control over the look and feel of the guestbook page. Includes a basic language censor (if wanted), IP address banning (if needed), variable success page, top or bottom entry additions, and more!

  4. FlexGuest
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Flexguest is a free guestbook script that allows for much flexibility. Multiple guestbooks can be created using only one script -- which is useful for sys admins who don't want guestbook scripts all over their servers.

  5. Fresh Guest Book
    Free/$19.00 - Platform: Unix
    Easy to install and simple to use guestbook. Comes with admin control panel and all necessary features such as email notification to admin, email to guest, dirty words filter. Guest can add smilies to message. The guestbook layout is fully customizable via one HTML template.

  6. Fresh Guest Book MySQL
    19$ - Platform(s): Unix
    Fresh Guest Book is an easy to use, highly customizable guestbook using a MySQL backend database. Create your own unique layout on the fly with the admin control panel. Main features: modify guestbook layout, 5 different filters, header & footer, email notifications, build-in mini mailing list, admin comments, graphics, stats and more

  7. GuestFriend
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/Windows
    Guestfriend is a simple yet powerful, free guest book. All texts and layouts are 100% customizable. You have complete control over the look and feel. Also comes with an admin control panel and installation interface to make installation easy.

  8. GB Serv - Guestbook Server
    30.00 - Platform(s): UNIX Tested
    Give away free customizable guestbooks to YOUR visitors with GB Serv. Host the guestbooks on your server, just like dreambook.com, lpage.com, and many other classic services. Want ads on every page, including the guestbook owner's admin pages? Go for it. Want them completely free of ads? Do it. Edit headers and footers right from your browser using the powerful server admin control panel.

  9. Guestbook
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Guestbook is a classical script who visitor can write some word...

  10. Guestbook 2.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This advanced and powerful guestbook script can run multiple guestbooks from a single script. It isn't generated on-the-fly, so it's much faster then most guestbook systems. It has many advanced features including HTML and Bad word blocking, and more. It can also be custimized to look exactly like your site.

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