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Guestbook Scripts
  1. CGI-GuestBook
    Platform: Unix
    VRA's CGI GuestBook allows for very easy customization. Preview option allows the visitor to make necessary changes before commiting to write the data.

  2. CardExec
    $10.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    CardExec® offers your visitors the ability to post a business card on your site. This is unlike any other business card script available as this script does not take up site panel space to perform its function. Javascript pops up panels to create cards and view cards. Place this script as SSI anywhere on your site or use it as a standlone mini-frame and the visitor will stay on that page as they post their card or view previously posted cards. If you wish to post it as HTML in a static page simply run the script, acquire the HTML from the page generated and paste it in your site content.

  3. CommentExec
    $10.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    Unlike any other comment board: CommentExec provides the ability to have dedicated comment links from articles and product pages as well as a general topic list comment function. Perfect for online e-zines and periodicals.

  4. csGuestbook
    35 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csGuestbook is an automated script that allows the user to manage one or more guestbooks from one location. Manage one or more Guestbooks from one easy to use management pages. This script also uses our professional, easy to use management screens. Add, Modify, Delete and even View your Guestbook(s) from one easy to understand management screen. Add/Modify/Delete Guestbook entries. Advanced style editing allows you to change the look and feel as often as desired. Each Guestbook can have a look of it's own.

  5. D-oh-Guestbook
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    A good guestbook. The layout could be changed with templates and one config file. You can edit, comment or delete an entry. With ICQ/Mail-Notification, multilingual.

  6. http://www.dcscripts.com/DCGuest
    Free - Platform: Unix
    DCGuest97 is a database driven guestbook script for everyone to download. It features dynamically generated pages from a single template so that you can easily customize it for your website.

  7. DP Guestbook
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    A traditionel script with a twist of intelligence. Setting up this script is so easy, that you definately have to try it. You won't be disappointed !

  8. Dream Catcher's: Book of Guests
    Free - Plaform: Unix
    Dream Catchers Book of Guests is a simple guestbook which allows visitors to "sign in" on your page. The information they sign is then put in your guestbook, which you and the rest of the world can see via the World Wide Web. PLUS an email is sent to you each time a new entry is made in your guestbook, as well as an email being sent to your vistior thanking them for signing the guestbook. The script is very simple. Everything you need to add a guestbook to your page is here: the script, the instructions, the page for people to sign, and the guestbook page itself.

  9. DoubleMessageBoard
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Mac
    DoubleMessageBoard(basic: three input-items for name, email-address and comments) recognizes a carriage return and a tab. It automatically makes a daughter board if an article contributed by a guest is long. While the daughter board accommodates the entire article, a short article of just a few lines is made by cutting the tail and is put on the mother board. This makes the mother board reasonably short and skipping uninteresting articles easy. If the entire article is short, on the other hand, the mother board can accommodate the full text. Therefore you do not click a link only to find "Hi!" If you run a site where you expect people of diverse interests congregate and sending comments of all sorts of length, but do not feel a big demand for an independent message board for each category or many of them simply do not fit in a category, take DoubleMessageBoard. I made them for you.

  10. EasyGuest
    Free - Platform: Unix
    EasyGuest allows you to run your very own guestbook on your website, allowing your visitors to either read or write to it. The many options include adjustable page length, html filtering, smut censoring, built-in site rater allowing your visitors to rate your site, thank-you e-mails to visitors who sign, fully compatible with your EasyList mailing list, and many more. The password protected admin screen allows you to edit your guestbook easily. Very easy to setup.

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