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Guestbook Scripts
  1. @Book powered by uPerl.net
    $39.99 - Platform: Unix
    Just 01 script does everything. Guest can add Face Icon to their comments. Replace all dirty words to heart icon. Guest can not sign the GuestBook with some words like qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq. Easy for webmaster wants to delete unwanted comments. @Book support counter and random ad banner. Easy for layout Header - Footer (just working with HTML code) -

  2. 2B Guestbook
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    2b GUESTBOOK is a guestbook script with clean interface, customizable header and footer, and page navigation.

  3. A Guestbook
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A Guestbook allows visitors to leave a little information and a comment about themselves and logs each new entry at the top. You have the option to receive an e-mail with every new addition to your guestbook. Also, the script will eliminate any fields that are not filled in by the visitor. However, the visitor must fill in their name and a comment, the others are optional. in Perl(CGI)

  4. A GuestBook Wizard Version 2.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Now we run Version 2.0 Faster - Easier - Clearer. Don't worry if you don't know much about Perl-CGI. Just fill in my form Wizard then get completed Perl Script. That's it. Upload on your server and Enjoy. It's Free - No Ads Banner, Hi-Tech GuestBook Wizard does everything for you, help you to save your time.

  5. Aborior's Simplex Guestbook
    Free/$120 - Platform(s): All Platforms
    Breathe life into your site by getting to know your visitors and letting them have their say about your web page. Visitors can sign your guestbook with comments and suggestions or just to say hello. Features smiley faces, automatic URL and e-mail hyperlinking, IP banning, message editing and display options. Maintain full control over the appearance of your guestbook with powerful templates.

  6. Admbook
    FREE - Platform(s): Win95/NT/Unix
    A guestbook script with Web-based administration via browser. This guestbook script is written in PHP. Features: guestbook with web-based administrative function via browser, database is not required, check message length, doesn't allow use an html tags, cuts out words more than 50 symbols, checks an valid e-mail address, divides messages in to pages.

  7. Alumni
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Allows you to start a "Where are they now?" Section on your website for Alumni of a school or organization. Can be used for a lot of other things also. Allows users to post their name date address and picture.

  8. AlumniPRO
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Introducing AlumniPRO. For those who are familiar with Alumni 1.0 you will be very excited about this release. Arrange Alumni by year. Searchable by keywords or year. Editable registration of users. Picture Uploads. Easy to Customize. Alumni can contact other Alumni without revealing email address. Password Retrieval. You can also modify AlumniPRO as a guest book or company employee profiler.

  9. Argala Guestbook
    Free - Platform: Unix
    It is a database-driven guestbook script. Page is generated on the fly using template file, which can be easily customized for your own style. With admin. control panel, users can customize the guestbook.

  10. Bennie Webdesign Guestbook Server v3.5
    $75 - Platform: Unix
    Unlimited number of guestbooks; Advanced Layout changes for every user by easy interface; Online creation and modification by users of their guestbook; Unwanted messages deletion; Automated account confirmation by e-mail; Automated password recovery for users; Optional Banner rotation; Easy send e-mail to all members by administration interface; Multiple language support; Statistics about the guestbook usage.

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