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Forms Processing Scripts
  1. Virtual FormMail
    19.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    Virtual Form Mail is unlike all normal Form Mailers. It offers features above and beyond what even the most advanced form mailer should do. Not only can it email textboxes, but it has the facility to attach files of many types to the emails. If you wish, it can also save the submited forms to the server for later review. It has a fully featured administration script, allowing you, the admin, to review, delete or archive all the previously submited forms. It is designed to be very dynamic, doing almost anything you want it to do. The actual form to this script was not designed fancy so that you could easily customise it to fit right into your website. *Update: The new 1.2b version fixes a bug which did not allow the form to send without an attachment, it now sends the form with or without an attachment.

  2. VRManager
    FREE - Platform(s): Unix and Windows
    Free multi-featured web site contact manager. Three Perl CGI scripts in one: form to e-mail, visitor/mailing list manager, and bulk e-mail generator with mail merge.

  3. WAP Formail
    $10 - Platform: Unix
    A formailer which needs very little modification as most of the variables are set in the WML contact form. Comes with the WAP input form. Quite easy to configure the script if you know some simple HTML.

  4. WAP Sendmail
    $10 - Platform: Unix
    Let your visitors send emails to any email address from your WAP site. The script checks for email addresses validity and other required fields. Comes with WAP input form.

  5. Web Email Lite
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a full featured form-to-mail handling script which includes a fully customizable autoresponse from within the form. Just enter the approporiate data in the input fields and see the automatically generated autoresponse that was specified fully within the form. This script is capable of performing many things, from simple URL redirection to other more complex purposes.

  6. Web Form Analyzer
    This is a sample frm created to illustrate how data, after being typed into the appropriate input fields, is parsed and processed.

  7. WIFF - Wizard Interface For Forms
    $10 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    WIFF is a Perl program that simulates Windows' wizards (such as InstallWizard or any other one) in HTML. Given a .txt file describing each of the screens, the program will generate, on the fly, the necessary HTML to simulate the Wizards, adding convenient code to maintain the 'state' across screens. In the current version, once all data is entered in the forms, you can press "Finish" to send it to another script, which will process it (FormMail, or even a Guestbook).

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