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Forms Processing Scripts
  1. MailForm
    Platform(s): Win32
    CGI program written in C++ for Win32 web servers. It sends all the fields in a html form to you through an e-mail message. Very easy to setup and use.

  2. Matt Kruse's Form Mailer
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script is meant to process forms and e-mail all the results back to a specific user that you specify. This way, anyone can create a form and get their results back to them. And it is perfect for a site-wide application, since you can set it up and everyone on your site can use it.

  3. Matt Wright's FormMail
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Matt Wright states: "FormMail is a generic WWW form to e-mail gateway, which will parse the results of any form and send them to the specified user. This script has many formatting and operational options, most of which can be specified through the form, meaning you don't need any programming knowledge or multiple scripts for multiple forms."

  4. Meng Weng Wong's mailto.cgi
    Yet another generic script for form processing - one of the most widely used as well.

  5. MultiMail
    Free - Platform: UNIX
    Multimail secures the form to email gateway. This prevents abuse and misuse in a manner that which is cost effective. There are other options besides multimail, but most require direct access to the server and are difficult and expensive to set up

  6. NBDesign's recipes.cgi
    Free - Platform: UNIX
    This script will allow your viewers to add/edit their recipes to your site. The program will automatically add the new page link to the main index page and notify both you and the user that their recipe has been added/changed.

  7. nsForm
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    A professional form mail with the following features : Works with Sendmail and SMTP server - Store form's data in a database - Autoresponder included - Full integration to your site with easy to use templates, you design ALL pages. - One Script, unlimited forms, each one has it's own template, form setting, messages, language, colors, etc. - Multiple language allowed (each template can works in one language)

  8. Order4M.exe Standalone .exe Credit Card Order Form CGI for windows
    $107.29 - Platforms: WinNT, Win95/98
    No Perl. No Programming. Take Credit Card Orders on your own server. Store them on the server and Email them to your email address. With this small CGI program, just pop it into your cgi-bin directory (or any directory under cgi-bin) make a link to it on your webpage and you have an instant platform for taking Credit Card orders. If you can take card orders over the phone (card not present merchant account) then you can now take orders on the web.

  9. PerlForm
    Free - Platform: UNIX
    Perlform will allow you to paste a HTML file, with a form with input tags, and automatically generate a perl cgi script file for you that works on most UNIX, LINUX web servers and some Windows NT web servers. You can save the automatically generated perl cgi script file to your hard disk for uploading to your web server to process your form.

  10. PGPMail.pl
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a version of Matt Wright's FormMail program modified to work in conjunction with the freeware PGP(tm) program for UNIX. The script is heavily documented and comes with the original FormMail program.

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