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Forms Processing Scripts
  1. FORM2VCF - Forms to .VCF
    $9.95 - Platform: Unix
    Form2VCF takes form data from your website and emails it to you as a Virtual Business Card or .VCF file which can be directly imported into Outlook or another popular contact manager. No more cryptic form email.

  2. FormLinks
    $9.95 - Platform: Unix
    This allows a user to append a hyperlink to an HTML list via a cgi form. After entering data, the user is first shown a preview of the submitted information. This allows the user to make changes or correct mistakes, otherwise the user can submit the final information. The information is then appended to a bulleted list of HTTP links.

  3. FORMMAIL 2000 - Realtime Credit Card Processing Formmail
    Platform: Unix
    The only form mail online that actually deposits your sales into your online merchant account. Setup a credit card processing account and use FORMMAIL 2000 to process your sales with REAL TIME credit card processing. Also does syntax only validation and address validation. Authonly or Deposit funds. Also compatible with iBill Basic TP accounts.

  4. FormMail LITE by haverok.net
    Free - Platforms: Unix, Win
    This is a lite formmail script. This script can redirect the user to a thank-you page or it can generate a thenk you page. You need to specify the following form fields: recipient - The recipient. redirect - The url to the thank you page. email - The user's (sender's) e-mail address realname - The sender's name

  5. FormMail Pro by haverok.net
    Free - Platforms: Unix, Win
    This script can verify the refering url, and if it's not in the URL list, then it won't send the form. It can also sort fields. But this formmail script CAN'T generate a thank-you page.

  6. FormMailer (An Ignition Script)
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    This script is form to email scripts. It collects any data from any umber of forms and sends it to a set email address. It also has a easily customizable reply message.

  7. FormPreview
    $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    FormPreview allows a user to see information submitted via a cgi form prior to writting it to a file. This allows them to make changes or correct mistakes.

  8. Formrobot v1.1
    $25.00 - Platform: Unix
    Use this form robot to process all your forms on your site. You can set default values within the script for delivery of the forms. They are send by e-mail to you. You can add hidden fields or even user defined fields in your forms to let the form robot act differently.

    Applications for this robots are for example:

    • Send gathered information to you
    • Send a feedback form or a request for information for to you including a user defined subject and e-mail address
    • An e-mail form where you can send e-mail to anyone

    Examples of these forms are included in the documentation. Basically you can define 4 variables in the form or the script: notify address, sender address, subject line and a redirection page.

  9. FreeScripts: Form-Processor
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script processes information submitted by an HTML form. The most basic function of the script is to email you the results of the form. However, other options are available including the ability to write the form information to a database, create a database of email addresses and send the user an automated email reply.

  10. GMFormMail
    Free - Platform: Unix
    The script is a modification of the great FormMail script created by Matt Wright. Now you can use one form processor for both GoldMine importing and regular form to email processing. The script features the ability to import directly into GoldMine: All primary contact information; One secondary contact; 10 User-defined fields; 10 Custom defined fields; 10 Profiles along with all secondary profile data; Assignment of 3 Tracks; Email address profile; Internet address profile

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