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Forms Processing Scripts
  1. BrainCode's E-Mail with Autoreply
    Free - Platform: Unix
    BrainCode's e-mail with autoreply is designed for those new to Perl, and is especially easy to install. Perl veterans will also find this a useful script set to quickly get basic e-mail with autoreply onto a site. Excellent, complete, thorough documentation. Everything needed is include in the *free* kit.

  2. CGI City's Mail-A-File
    $30.00 - Platform: Unix
    Mail-A-File is a form-to-email program (written in Perl) with file attachment features. The program allows any user to send an email from a web-based form to any recipient with a valid email address plus the ability to attach files to the email message. This is a great feature to add to both business and personal web sites.

  3. CGI*StarPro
    $99 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    This program gives you the ability to create and use feedback/order forms on the web. You simply create a web form using one of your favourite HTML editors or by using the "Forms' expert" in CGI*Starpro. Then input some information like email address, company name, etc. Click 'Save' and your CGI is ready.

  4. Comments.exe Standalone .exe Comments CGI for windows
    $82.50 - Platforms: WinNT, Win95/98
    No Perl. No Programming. The Comments.exe CGI program is a simple program for gathering comments from visitors to your website. Simply copy the program to your cgi-bin directory (or any directory under the cgi-bin) and put a link to it in your HTML. As well as being stored/viewable on your web server the Comments.exe can email them to you.

  5. csMailto
    35 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csMailto is an automated script that allows the user to build and manage multiple mailto forms within a web site. Build your own mailto forms without having to learn Perl. Manage all your web site CGI mailto forms from one location. Easy to use management screen. Build your own mailto forms without having to learn Perl. Choose from a pre-determined list of fields or create any number of your own fields: Text Area, Drop Down, Text Box, Check Box Lists, Radio Lists, and many, many more options. Add, Modify, Delete and even View your forms from one easy to understand management screen. Include code added to management page for easy reference. You will not believe how easy this is to use, check it out.

  6. Dave's Form Processor Script
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This form processing script, written in Perl, is designed to collect user information from an on-line form. The script also has the ability to append database file(s) and send out customizable e-mail messages.

  7. Dodomail
    $99 - Platform(s): Linux/Unix
    Dodomail is an email management program, that stores the data from a web site's feedback form submissions into a MYSQL [Or Flat-text] database and send a copy to an email address. Through a password-protected control panel, all previous emails can be retrieved based on date or keyword search. Dodomail can be set up within 10 minutes and is simple to use.

  8. Dream Catcher's: Form Return
    With this script, you can now have Form Return on your page with minimal programming. The program is designed for HTML programmers, so if you know HTML, it's very simple. If you know CGI, it's even easier. The Form Response is sent to your email and a confirmation message is sent to your visitor's email.

  9. DoForm.cgi
    Free - Platform: Unix, Win95
    A very unique form handling script. Can post info from ANY existing form to a textfile, email it to you, or BOTH. Also allows multiple 'textfile' forms, contained in simple text files, to be called and utilized into the script itself using only a number in the query string. Also redirects to another page if set to do so in the script... also 8 more scripts on the main page.

  10. E-Mailer
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a form to email processor. This will give your visitors the ability to send you quick messages via the web. This script can handle an unlimited number of fields.

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