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Forms Processing Scripts
  1. @-Manager
    FREE - Platform(s): Unix, Win
    Powerful form processing, database management, and bulk e-mail engine. Use to email and store HTML form submissions and manage mass mailings such as online newsletters and email marketing all from one Perl CGI script. Features flat file database admin, templates for e-mails and web pages, mail merge, form generation, unsubscribe links, and much more.

  2. @FeedBack powered by uPerl.net
    $39.99 - Platform: Unix
    Just 1 script does everything - Easy for layout Header - Footer (just working with HTML code) - If you know FrontPage or Dreamweaver you can make it better. Don't need to understand about Perl-CGI - we have a tool Perl Wizard help you to install this script in a minute.

  3. @1 Formailer Generator
    free - Platform(s): Unix
    Generate formailers for your contact forms using this FREE online generator.

  4. A&M Mail Form 1.0
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    This is a Perl CGI MailForm program that allows you to communicate with the visitors of your home page without publishing your E-mail address on the Web. Your real E-mail address is completely hidden from spammers (it is not shown in web-page source in contrast to most such programs), but at the same time you are not losing ability to communicate with a civilized visitors of your Web Site. This program is using Java Script to display form in a nice popup window. But it works as well if Java Script is disabled in visitor's browser. It will work with all known Web Browsers.

  5. Add-On to FormMail
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This very simple script will allow you to have the results of a form (processed through Matt Wright's FormMail.cgi) sent to a random email address. This can be useful if you're running a contest and want the submission to be sent to one of the judges, or if you want the e-mail your company receives to be evenly distributed.

  6. AlienForm
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is an easy to use, Form to Email gateway. It uses simple templates to format all aspects of its output- you are in full control over everything it outputs. It can be setup to work as a multi-user script- so an ISP only has to install one copy for everyone to benefit from it. It can send out more than one email at once

  7. AlphaMail Easy E-mail with AutoReply by CodeBrain
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    The AlphaMail.pl Kit is perfect for use by any site requiring an e-mail form -- including an autoresponder! This simple kit is specially designed with Perl newcomers in mind, and features extremely easy set-up; overall simplicity; crystal-clear, uncluttered code; and extremely thorough instructions. Perl veterans will also appreciate it as a solid, general purpose, fast-install e-mail script -- with *everything* required included in the download. With AlphaMail.pl, you can have an e-mail form up on your site in mere minutes! No SSI; Y2K Ready; FREE for all users.

  8. "And I Quote..."
    $25.00 - Platform(s): UNIX
    This program will totally replace your redundant and ever so unorganized email reqest system that gets dumpped into one email address. You can setup multiple administrators that can login and respond to quote request. Since the system is not dependant on email you can respond to request from any PC on the internet. This script works well accompanying your already existant web site. (Requires PHP3 or PHP4 and mySQL).

  9. Biz Mail Form
    Free - Platform(s): Windows, Unix
    This free form processing cgi script sends form data to a file in a coma-delimited format, and up to 2 E-mail addresses. Also has a personalized E-mail autoresponse feature, in either plain text or HTML. Easy to install and More.

  10. BNBForm All Purpose Form Handler
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Easy to install script that handles an unlimited number of forms. Configured via the html form: direct data to e-mail and/or file, enforce data entry, autorespond with custom message for each form, redirects based on result of script's validation. Very flexible.

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