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Money and Finance Scripts
  1. Internet Investor
    $100.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Are your site visitors getting the most for their money? These Internet Investor calculators can help them find out.

  2. Invoice Me
    $44.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Online invoicing system with automatic billing status indicator. With the correct IDs, customers may search their own invoices and view the payment status.

  3. KLSE Malaysia Live!
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Display live KLSE stock summary on your web page. To make the stock summary more stable, we have separated it into two scripts. Similar scripts by other parties usually distort your existing page if the remote site makes sudden changes to the layout of its stock summary.

  4. Malaysia Foreign Exchange
    $29.95 - Platform: Unix
    Display live Malaysia Foreign Exchange information on your web page.

    Platform: Unix
    Mastergate is simply the most comprehensive pay site billing and security system available. No other software package offers such advanced security and administration power. Processes your billing information and automates your password database. Includes form error checking, automatic account expiration, admin search, admin modify, admin edit, and admin delete. Clients are forced to provide a valid (working) email address to obtain access to your pay site. Mastergate is also capable of interfacing into online processors for real-time validation. Default installation emails invoices through secure or non-secure servers. Tools available for interfacing into iBill Basic TP accounts for real-time validation. Online merchant account required for real time validation. Compatible with manual processing, iBill Basic TP accounts, and Authorize.net

  6. Matt's Script Archive: Credit Card Verifier
    Free - Platform: Unix
    According to Matt Wright: "The Validator verifies all 13 and 16 digit Visa Cards, 16 digit MasterCards, 16 digit Novus (Discover) cards, and 15 digit American Express cards." There are several downloading options available below and more information on this script can be found in the Readme file."

  7. Mysql Personal Finance
    Free - Platform(s): Linux
    Manage your personal finance trough mysql and web

  8. O.A.T.S.
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    O.A.T.S. is a multi-user online timecard system written in Perl. It allows users to input their hours and then print their hours out at the end of the time period (in PDF format). It also has support for creating a template if the user works the same hours every week. After submitting his/her timecard, the user can start a new timecard, and the old one gets archived.

  9. OnLine Invoices
    $149.00 - Platform: Unix
    Interactive Invoicing System for Service Based Companies or Anyone Else With a Business that doesn't have a Pre-Defined Product List. Clients can Access and Pay Your Invoices 24 Hours a Day!

  10. PC Authorize Gateway
    Platform: Unix
    Realtime credit card validation from PC Authorize. Why pay enormous transaction rates with other billing companies? Get your own merchant account and interface directly into your bank. Direct posting to PC AUTHORIZE HUB and automation of password databases for membership sites. Includes all the usual MASTERGATE fraud-scrubbing and duplicate transaction blocking tools. This requires setup of a PC AUTHORIZE network which is not exactly trivial. However, if you are processing $50,000 per month or so in password sales then you can save a LOT of cash with this and even start up your own billing company!

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