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Money and Finance Scripts
  1. Currency Converter
    $29.99 - Platform: Unix
    Currency Converter will allow your international customers to be able to convert any of your products to their own currency. This could seriously improve your international sales with its up to the minute currency rates.

  2. Cyberstash
    Platform: Unix
    Automatic security and billing system for pay sites. This version interfaces directly into cybercash merchant malls either through your own cybercash server or a merchant account on a mall server. Unlike many other systems, Mastergate completely prevents your users from submitting duplicate orders causing chargeback chaos.

  3. e-Commerce Gateway
    $49.95 - Platform(s): UNIX
    Optional module for Accounts Online. Features iBill (pin codes) and Authorize.Net (WebLink and ADC Relay Response) credit cards payment gateways support. Requires Accounts Online to be installed.

  4. e-Accountant
    Platform: Unix
    Finally, web-based Accounting Software for your web-based business. e-Accountant is a full featured Accounting solution which processes your order form and has a built in database that stores your customer information, order info, sales tax collected, credit card discounts paid, shipping info, and more. In addition, e-Accountant tracks your visitors and advertising, providing reports which show you how many actual orders you have received from a particular ad. This is a complete small business Accounting program.

  5. EZCat
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    E-commerce ready credit card processing scripts compatible with authorize.net. There are 3 seperate scripts for different uses.

  6. EZItem
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    E-commerce ready credit card processing scripts compatible with authorize.net. There are 3 seperate scripts for different uses.

  7. FORMMAIL 2000 - Realtime Credit Card Processing Formmail
    Platform: Unix
    The only form mail online that actually deposits your sales into your online merchant account. Setup a credit card processing account and use FORMMAIL 2000 to process your sales with REAL TIME credit card processing. Also does syntax only validation and address validation. Authonly or Deposit funds. Also compatible with iBill Basic TP accounts.

  8. iBill Broker
    Platform: Unix
    Billing system and referral system all in one. Complete integration of iBill PROCESSOR and AGENTS OF FORTUNE. Contains ALL FEATURES of BOTH SYSTEMS! Works on ALL WEBSERVERS and OPERATING SYSTEMS. Allows you to payout advertisers a commission on your internet billing sales. Superfast code for even the largest sites. Fully automatic control of your password sales and databases. Deletes users automatically after accounts expire. Handles unlimited account configurations of recurring, nonrecurring, and web900. Manual admin interface allows you to add/delete/search and modify accounts. Advertisers signup and receive realtime statistics on their commissions. Each account has independent commissions so you can structure your sales commissions any way you want. Does not require server sides includes. Your advertisers may access their statistics in realtime. Allows you to revoke sales in the event of fraud or chargeback from the admin interface.

  9. iBill Gateway
    $149 - Platform: Unix
    iBill Gateway is a complete membership processing system. This script allows you to easily manage your pay site(s) with automation via the iBill Billing Company. After the surfer uses their credit card or calls a 900 number through iBill's services, the iBill Gateway takes over the sign-up process, giving the new user his choice of username and password. Your customer accounts are INSTANTLY activated and there's no need to have insecure methods of membership, including preset username/passwords or daily updated single username/password combinations.

  10. iBill Processor
    Platform: Unix
    If you need to completely automate the administration and billing of your password site this script is the answer. Integrates into all iBill Company PINCODING accounts to provide powerful, automatic and manual administration of your password site. Years of development has produced the fastest perl code possible for even the largest websites. Allows both automatic and manual administration of your membership password database. Supports only-the-fly database search and modify, integrates with password nazi to allow security scan of illegal passwords and multiple logins. Handles unlimited account configurations of recurring, nonrecurring, web-900 billing, and online checks. The only iBill cgi system that allows members to cancel accounts and billing from a single form thus completely automating your membership site.

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