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Accepting Credit Cards Online

What is iKobo?

iKobo is the revolutionary new way for you to Send Money Anytime and Receive Money Anywhere. Using iKobo, you can send funds from your home or office and the Recipient can access the funds at over a half million ATMs worldwide using the iKobo i-Kard.

How does iKobo work?

  1. The sender registers for a free iKobo account.
  2. The sender enters information identifying his/her recipients.
  3. The sender enters his/her credit card information.
  4. The sender then enters the amount to be sent and sends the money.
  5. For security reasons, iKobo will authorize two small amounts against the credit card (your credit card will not actually be charged).
  6. The sender determines the amounts charged by calling the number of the back of the credit/debit card.
  7. As a security procedure to prevent credit card fraud, the first time the sender uses a credit/debit card to send money iKobo will split the transaction into two amounts that are charged to your card. The sender must call your bank to detrmine the two amounts before we process the transation.
  8. The sender returns to the iKobo site and enters the amount of the authorizations. We call this verifying the credit card. Verification ensures that the credit card is actually yours and protects all iKobo customers against credit card fraud.
  9. The recipient is delivered an i-Kard or he/she gets one from an authorized iKobo agent.
  10. The recipient uses the i-Kard to go to an ATM and withdraw the money (globally), make purchases at a store (US only) or make long distance phone calls (from the US only).

Visit iKobo's web site for complete info >>

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