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Accepting Credit Cards Online

If you're a web merchant with products, services or content to sell, iBill has a turnkey e-commerce solution that's designed just for you. iBill's simple, real-time, secure payment processing solutions will get your online sales up and running quickly!

iBill does not process for any online-gambling or lottery sites.

Don't Have An Internet Merchant Account?

iBill Complete: A totally outsourced payment processing solution where iBill handles all banking, risk management, affiliate management and customer service issues for Internet merchants selling products and services. In addition, iBill Complete offers the most comprehensive payment options on the web, including credit cards, online checks, and telephone billing.

Already Have or Want an Internet Merchant Account?

iBill Processing Plus: Serves the needs of merchants who manage their business with an individual Internet merchant account handling their own customer service. iBill provides transaction processing, fraud control, business reporting tools, subscription capability, shopping cart functionality, and affiliate management.

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