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Database Manipulation
  1. Product Manager by BLC & Associates
    $150- Platform: Unix
    Product Manager is designed to maintain a product database on your system to provide your customer base with the most up to date information about how your products are priced and what kinds of quantity discounts are available.

  2. Publishing Tools
    $300+ - Platform(s): Unix, Windows
    Most companies today can't afford a full time webmaster or contract out web management to a design or web firm. Interactivetools.com's web publishing tools give companies the ability to keep several steps ahead of their competitors by quickly and easily updating web site content within minutes.

  3. ReadCSV
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95/98
    A CGI script that can be used to retrieve selected data from a CSV (Character Separated Interface) file into HTML documents. It can be installed on a UNIX, Windows NT, or a Windows 95/98 web-server with minimal effort.

  4. ResuMatch
    $150 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Resumatch allows individuals to submit their resume to an online database for your HR staff. Rather than collecting information in text forms, ResuMatch lets you select the resume formats that individuals can upload. By default, its set up to recieve resumes as Rich Text Format (.RTF), Adobe PDF (.PDF), and text (.TXT) files.

  5. Secure Contact Management System
    $59 - Platform: WinNT
    The SCMS system was designed to be an easy to setup and easy to use system allowing contact management in a multiuser environment. In addition, the full version of CMS provides database export features for users to download the entire contact database into a Microsoft Word document, ascii text, or even a Netscape bookmark list! It also supports Microsoft Access 97 database file.

  6. Selena Sol's Database Manager
    This database manager script allows a database administrator (or anyone who has been given password verified access) to manipulate a flatfile UNIX database. The db admin can add to, modify and delete from the database using a web-based interface. Further, the script supports multiple admins because it incorporates lock file routines so that no-one can actually manipulate the data file while someone else is manipulating it.

  7. SimpleBase
    SimpleBase v.3.0 is a web based contact manager database application. You can search entries and do some management. Version 4.0 is in the works and will be more robust and have more administrative functions.

  8. Simplex Database - German
    Platform(s): Unix, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows
    This is a tool for creating database web applications. Includes a built-in binary file database and allows you to plug in an SQL database. Includes pre-made applications such as user poll, mailing list, guestbook, news script, and link manager.

  9. SunnyScript's EasyData
    Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    EasyData is an all-round, but easy-to-use database management system (DBMS) suited for versatile database applications like product catalogues, search engines and more. EasyData comes with a wide range of powerful features like handling of categories, record voting and comment system, integration of images and binary files, record expiration, various field types and field validation. You can even allow online record additions and modifications (also moderated, of course) directly from your website. An advanced search tool allows complex search criteria like boolean operators, wildcards, comparisions, phrases, parentheses and filtering. The web-frontend is fully customizable to fit into any existing website layout. It has never been easier to build and manage your own web based database.

  10. Super Spider - URL Spider And Domain Extractor Script
    Platform: Unix
    You are going to love this script! A simple, yet powerful cgi script with mySQL database interface that will allow you to spider the internet and collect unique urls and domain names at the speed of light! 5 minutes to configure, set your starting url and the spider will start probing the internet from the starting url collecting every single link and unique domain name it finds along the way. A great way to construct targeted marketing databases or start your own search engine. Script allows you to select spidering depth or just leave it until your hard drive explodes with data. This script is a masterpiece.

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