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Database Manipulation
  1. Matchmasters Dating Software
    Platform: Unix
    MATCHMASTERS personals is a completely automated cgi system which allows members to signup instantly, have their account information emailed to them and interact with other members online. Members can browse the database or refine their search criteria to find the mate they are looking for specifically. Search results are broken down into 10 per page and members search criteria are saved in the event that no suitable matches are found. A matchbot program may be set to run through the entire member database and search histories to notify by email any member that the matchbot finds a suitable match for. This pulls older members back to the site to retrieve the results. Members may also upload pictures of themselves, send messages to each other, and bookmark other members they want to keep in touch with. All contacting through the site retains complete anonymity for the security of the users (including their REAL email address). All members are known to each other by screen names only.

  2. Matchmasters Pro - mySQL Personal Classifieds Dating Script
    Platform: Unix
    Based on our popular matchmasters script this is a more serious solution for dating sites. The pro version uses powerful mySQL database structures and modular code design to allow complete customization of the searching/profile parameters and html output (cosmetics). Capable of altering the search parameters/fields to unlimited option or keyword based search fields. Multiple keyword search logic allows matching for complex search profiles. Admin panel allows counting members, bulk emailing all members, login/edit/delete of member profiles. Members can upload photos, search, bookmark profiles, view member photos, and send private email messages anonymously. Many more features planned for this systems future upgrades. May be implemented as a free "attraction" to your existing website or easily integrates into billing systems to charge for services.

  3. Member Manager
    Sharware / $50 - Platform: Unix
    Membermanager takes a character separated file exported from your database, sorts the whole thing by whichever field you like (Last name, City, Company, etc) and creates an HTML file for each letter of the alphabet with contents of each file also sorted. It also automatically hyperlinks any email address in the email field.

  4. Microsearch Customizable Web-Based Searchable mySQL Database
    Platform: Unix
    Need to put a searchable database online? Microsearch allows you to easily generate custom, searchable databases with unlimited searchable fields (keyword or selection based). Creates add.html and search.html interfaces automatically. Admin interface allows search and delete of records quickly. mySQL archtitechture for handling large databases with the fastest search technology.

  5. MultiDB
    $397.00 - Platform: Unix
    MultiDB offers the ability to create unlimited flat file or SQL databases, is infinitely customizable in its presentation to users, offers import/export, integrates well with Microsoft Access which makes moving data on and off the web a breeze. Additionally, with the SQL version, it can support 1,000,000+ data records. Complete operation is very simple and intuitive and it can be used with very little computer knowledge. Supports Text box, Select box, radio buttons, checkboxes, email, picture and acomments box fields for your data. Installation is free.

  6. Mysql Data Manager
    $37.00 - Platform(s): All
    Mysql Data Manager is a perfect solution for the online management of mysql databases. This is all-inclusive web based mysql front end providing a powerful tool for databases management, development and maintenance. Easy installation and intuitive interface make it irreplaceable tool for mysql on the web. The program is written entirely in Perl as single file CGI script running under any platform where the Perl can be installed.

  7. mySQL Perl Interface
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Perl interface module to the mySQL database.

  8. Perl Xbase/DBF record manager
    This is a Perl Package to Read/Write DBASE III+ DBF Files. Uses the "DB_File" module for indexes. There is also a simple SQL SELECT interface (sqldbf.pm).

  9. Personal Memoranda
    $14.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Let your site users submit their personal and business particulars to your searchable database.

  10. Pizza Shop V1
    $499 - Platform(s): Linux/unix
    On-line web based ordering system for small independent pizza shops. Works with/without internet connection. Easy for employees to use. Features include endofday report for taxes. Driver dispatch. calculates bank amounts, driver payouts and more. Totals to date for customers. Restricted on-line demo. System requirements. 1 PC, Unix/linux, a web browser and a printer. Uses MySQL for data management. Many more features.

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