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Database Manipulation
  1. Empress Perl Interface
    Free - Platform: UNIX, WinNT
    The Empress Perl Interface is a database driver module which allows users to access Empress databases through the DBI and from within their perl scripts. The Empress Perl Interface uses the standard Perl RDBMS Interface. It is implemented as DBD 'driver' module under the DBI specification. This module can be easily added to an existing perl+DBI installation by invoking the installation script. Once the module is installed, the user will be able to perform standard SQL-like operations on Empress database within perl scripts.

  2. EZ Perl DB Access
    Free - Platform: UNIX, WinNT
    EZ Perl provide a free script for database management handeling multiple user accounts and multiple database access. Plus many applications like feedback script, search engine.

    $5-50 - Platform: Unix
    FLATTEXT creates custom Perl scripts that search your flat text databases. Extremely easy to configure and install.

  4. FLATTEXT Zip Code Locator
    $80 Platform: Unix
    Allows users to enter a U.S. zip code and find the closest matches in your database within any statute mile range you specify. Comes with complete data sets containing latitude and longitude locations for virtually every U.S. zip code. Is designed to work with your existing spreadsheet or database, using comma, pipe, tab, or && delimited files. Installs quickly, is fully documented, and comes with free custom installation option.

  5. Georgia Digital's WebData
    $199 - Platforms: Unix, WInNT, Win95, Win98
    Webdata is an easy database program specifically for the world wide web. It uses your web browser to add, modify, or delete entries into your database. All you have to do is upload the files to your Unix or Windows NT server. It will ask you some questions about your server, what password you want, and what field names you want. That's it. An administration page is created, named 'admin.html,' from which you can immediatly begin adding records. Guests will be able to search by any combination of criteria to suit their needs. Once it is in place, webdata is easy for anyone who uses a mouse. NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!

  6. HiData
    $381 - Platform(s): Unix/NT
    HiData is an instant self-generating database solution for websites, ideal for driving a searchable database of stores, products etc online. Cross platform compatible, easy to use. Demo available on our website.

  7. JiffyDB Manager
    24.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    A simple webstore database manager. Add, edit, delete, search by item id, update inventory and produce a dated, printable page for your records or back up. Easy to set up. Full online demo.

  8. KA Table Editor
    Free - Platform(s): WinNT
    KA Table Editor is a CGI applicaton that allows you to browse, add, edit and delete records from a table using your browser. The interface is visual and intuitive. You don't need to know SQL or even remember table or fields names! The editor can be configured to work with any ODBC / ADO driver on your server.

  9. Know Your Events
    $14.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Let your site visitors view or search events posted by you. Support image upload.

  10. LK Database
    $89 - Platform(s): UNIX, Win
    Database (table) object written in Perl, support SQL*, all data saved in binary files. Append, Post, Edit, ... etc is supported , + much more usefull options! Supported SQL description can be found on site.

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