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Database Manipulation
  1. Dave's DB Sorter Script
    Free - Platforms: UNIX, WinNT
    This database sorting script, written in Perl, is designed to alphabetically sort a database file which contains records and to remove all duplicates that exist in that file.

  2. DBD Solid Perl module
    Free - Platform: UNIX, WinNT
    DBD::Solid is a driver module to access the fine little SOLID RDBMS, one of the few SQL/ODBC capable databases which are available for Linux.

  3. DBI - DB Independent Interface for Perl
    Free - Platform: UNIX
    The Perl DBI is a database access Application Programming Interface (API) for the Perl Language. The DBI defines a set of functions, variables and conventions that provide a consistent database interface independant of the actual database being used.

  4. Database Search: Text Match
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    The text match module can be used for search strings passed to it for characters, words, and numbers. It can match numbers that are greater than, less than, greater or equal to, less or equal to, or equals only. For characters passed to it, it can match characters inside words searched through. This module can be tied together for multifield search options.

  5. Databaser
    Databaser is designed for your own flatfile databases on the web. Add, modify and delete items and search the entire database (case sensitive or exact match). You can create an unlimited number of new databases with freely configurable fields. These databases can be plugged into any other of our scripts. An interface for ODBC databases will be included as well.

  6. DBman
    Free - Platform: UNIX, WinNT
    DBman is a simple database manager that provides a web interface to add/remove/modify/view a flatfile ascii database.

  7. dbSpace
    Free/$50 - Platform(s): Unix
    dbSpace is an online database manager that provides an easy to use interface to add, delete, modify and search records in a flatfile ascii database.

  8. Directory Assistant
    $50 - Platform: UNIX, WinNT
    Directory Assistant is a full-service directory script. It allows you to search for individuals using their name, category, and by keywords that appear in an indexed field. Directory Assistant displays matches dynamically, using a customizable HTML template. Directory Assistant can support data files that contain more than 2,500 entries.

  9. Donor Directory
    $500 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Donor Directory is a script for sperm and egg donor organizations that want to ability for couples to view donor information online in a secure online environment.

  10. Drewstar's Super Scripts: Database
    Create your own searchable databases. ASCII seperated field database structure supports importing and exporting from many popular desktop database applications such as Microsoft Access.

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