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Database Manipulation
  1. Bible
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    The Bible with the old and new testament text included. Search the Bible by Book, Chapter, and Verse! Now playing at a web site near you! The Greatest Story Ever Told! Spread the WORD! The Bible is completely self contained and easy to setup, just add your sites information variables and your ready to go!

  2. Bible Lookup
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This program takes the form input of a Bible reference, interprets the Bible Book name, chapter number and verse and sends the user to that book, chapter and verse on the web site.

  3. BizDB Business Database System
    $120 - Platform: UNIX
    A flexible and easy-to-install Web database cgi script providing record addition, update, deletion, searching, reporting and image upload capabilities. The database is templates controlled, no cgi programming required.

  4. Boat Buyer
    $500 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95, Win98, Mac
    Boat Buyer is a suite of full-featured boat listing scripts designed for new and used boat dealers. It allows a dealer to self-publish and maintain up-to-date boat listings on the internet using any ISP. It's a complete solution for dealers of any size.

  5. Butler Module
    Free - Platform: Mac
    Butler module is a Perl module that enables perl scripts to access the Butler SQL database. Currently, this only works on Macs. So this will only be useful with MacPerl.

  6. Chatologica Database Publisher
    $100.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Publish your databases in internet and make perl web applications in a semi-automated manner. Resources optimized, compatible with all platforms, database servers, mod_perl and FastCGI interfaces.

  7. Course Finder
    Free - Platform(s): Linux
    This script searches flatfiles on multiple fields. Allows surfers to save results to a cart, supports multiple databases and has easy maintance.

  8. csGridView
    $35 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csGridView is an automated script that allows the user to manage flat file databases with very little effort. You can import existing databases (tab delimited, comma delimited or pipe. delimited), Copy and paste text into a management window, or, Create a new database from scratch. Multiple database management is a breeze. HTML viewing of database information is automatic. Create multiple HTML templates to view the database information.

  9. Database Doctor
    Free - Platform: UNIX
    This features easily customizable entry forms for adding new items (just pop some html in a text file...the script does the rest), preview, the ability to check for unique item-ids for all you webstore owners, editing, deleting, search, sort by field, and will even prepare a page of your data for printing.

  10. Database Simple Password Protected Multi User Data Entry & Search Engine
    Platform: Unix
    Search, edit, and import ASCII databases on your web server. Endless possibilities for serving databases over the world wide web. Import your ASCII database from Microsoft access right over the internet. Password protected editing offers administrator ability to edit or delete any file. Also features the ability to allow visitors to add individual password protected database entries that they can edit. Export and import the database into any program that can interpret comma delimited formats.

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