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Counter Scripts
  1. Text Counter by Kastle Internet Services
    Now you can add a simple yet eligant text coutner to your website. Count multiple pages with one script! Requires SSI. The script is extremely easy to setup, with only one configuration file and even better, only one configuration variable. In the config file, counter.conf, all you need to edit is the name of the counter.dat file

  2. TorgoCounter
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This counter is a simple text user counter. It creates one file and supplies the same count for each page. It is designed to count overall hits to a site, not to count hits to individual pages. The special thing about this script is it won't count a single user multiple times. Most counters will count each individual hit to a page, so if a user visits your site, and accesses 10 different pages on your site, that individual will increment the counter by 10. If everybody does this, and at the end of the week your counter says 100, you really can't tell how many individuals accessed your site.

  3. TotalCount
    $50 - Platform: Unix
    A Feature packed counter for your website. No more having to rely on the counter sites that make you put their button on your sites.

  4. Virtual Counter
    $19.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    This program is a fully featured counter program that will log all visits to your site. Not only does it count hits, but it will also log the number of unique visits to your site. This program will work with SSI and has a unique JavaScript feature so that if your host doesnt support SSI, then you can access it with javascript.

  5. TotalCount
    $50 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    A Feature packed counter for your website. No more having to rely on the counter sites that make you put their button on your sites.

  6. VersaCounter
    This is a very versatile counter (hence, its name). It can be used with Server Side Includes (SSI) or by a simple HTML image tag. The SSI method allows for more display options, such as plain text output, which can then be manipulated by the HTML markup of the web page. On the other hand, the image tag method can be used to put counters in HTML documents residing on remote web sites. You can even embed a VersaCounter in virtual HTML documents produced by other CGI scripts.

  7. ViP.counter
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    ViP.counter is a very small and easy to install image counter that runs from a small SSI tag. It supports images of several different filename types and formats. And also: Same IP doesn't get counted twice so reloading a page doesn't increase the number of hits! This makes ViP.counter the most accurate counter ever!

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