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Counter Scripts
  1. PlanMagic Tracker
    $34.95 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, FreeBSD
    With this CGI program you can keep track of where your visitors are going. Which links do they prefer and how many visitors go to each link. The trial version allows for one page to be tracked. You can place any number of links on one page. For keeping track of up to 25 pages you can get the Basic version, and for keeping track of an unlimited number of links on an unlimited number of pages there is the Pro version. Features: click-thru tracking of all your outgoing links, keeps a log file of IP referrers, data, time, link clicked, referring page; generates a detailed report by referring page, number of clicks or IP addresses. It's easy to install and offers fully customizable HTML templates for reporting.

  2. PlayCount
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    PlayCount is a FREE graphical page counter that will allow you to keep track of the number of visitors who are viewing the pages of your site. PlayCount supports an unlimited number of pages, using one main count of all pages, or each page can be counted individually. PlayCount supports being utilized both via a Server Side Include (SSI) as well as via the Image tag. PlayCount is accessible for both people who have access to SSI and those who don't. PlayCount supports an unlimited number of display options, and you can even create and use your own images for the counter.

  3. RobCount
    RobCount is a freeware program that uses a server-side include to count visitors to web page. It can produce either text or graphical output, and there are some options that can be randomized (font, colour...).

  4. Servers Counter Script
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    It's a simple counter that counts your visitors and log the refering URL. You may view the logfile via your webbrowser or the script can mail it to you.

  5. SSI Counter
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script is a another simple graphical counter it will be include in the SSI Tag

  6. SpyLog 2.0 (AWT hidden counter/tracker)
    freeware - Platform(s): Win, Unix
    New version of the counter/track software, now it include summary statistic about browsers, color depth, screen resolution, page popularity, refferal page (!) (from which users came to your page) , hits by days. Now it have new color flexible menu, it stay more easy.

  7. Statomatic
    $50.00 - Platform: Unix
    Fast, real time web stats program and text counter. Reports referrers, visitor's paths, entry / exit pages, countries, operating systems, browsers, search engines, and much more. Great user interface, pie charts and graphs. Easy to install, super easy to use.

  8. Tekcount.cgi
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Tekcount.cgi will place a text based page counter on any webpage you specify.You may view all page statistics or add counters to more pages via the scripts administration screen. Tekcount.cgi is simple to set up as there are only 5 script variables and does not require SSI to work. The script comes complete with an easy to follow instruction text file to help you in the installation and configuration of the script.

  9. Text Counter by Haverok.net
    $5 - Platform: Unix
    This is a text counter script. SSI (server-side-includes) required to run this script. With this script you can block reload counting and this textcounter script uses file locking. You just simply need to add a code into your SHTML file.

  10. Text Counter (An Ignition Script)
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    This script is a text based access counter which is capable of working with multiple pages. It also logs all the pages using it and the counter number.

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