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Counter Scripts
  1. Jason's Counter
    The script is written in PERL (CGI) and requires Server Side Includes (SSI) to run! The script keeps track of all visitors to your page graphically and allows you the ability to make your own number GIFS.

  2. LiveCounter Classic
    Free / $20
    LiveCounter Classic is an award winning web page access counter which can display up-to-the-minute hits count using an animated odometer-like display. LiveCounter made its mark as the first web page access counter able to update its hits display as you watch. It is the first Java enabled counter to have a CGI backup counter, making it possible to count visitors using non-Java enabled browsers as well.

  3. LogCount multi-purpose site counter
    Free - Platform: Unix
    LogCount is a versatile FREE web page counter script written for Perl 5. The counter script is not large, allows you to use your own images, and includes several handy features enabling it to control all the hit logging needs of most web sites. LogCount can be called from an Image Source tag, a Hyperlink tag, or a Server Side Include tag. The latter allows you to 'include' the output as normal text on a web page if your server allows SSI calls. A separate file is used to record the number of times visitors click hyperlinks on your site, and LogCount comes with LogLook.cgi, a free simple colour coded log viewer.

  4. Lyles ClockHit
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A simple text hitcounter with many configuration options + sneeky function to add on so many hits each day. Can also display the current time (optional).

  5. MagCounter
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This download counter is very easy to set up, and if you can use ssi, it's also easy to add the number of downloads for a file anywhere on your site.

  6. Matt Wright's Counter
    According to Matt: "Counter allows you to represent the number of visitors to your page (or more accurately, the number of people to load the counter image) through a graphical depiction. The Counter program requires a C program called fly, in order to put multiple gif images together into one on the fly.

  7. MeySoft's Text and Graphic Counters
    This script does not require SSI. Rather it writes directly to the HTML file of your choice, which requires you to have that file chmod 777 - a practice considered by many as unsafe.

  8. Midmart Power Counter
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    Get up to 10 counters using one CGI! You will have full control over all counters using Administrator Area via your browser. Some of the features include ability of changing the background, text and border colors of counters, four different sizes of counters, define each counter as Hidden or Visible, ability of modifying the number of each counter at any time, getting the HTML code for each counter automatically, NO SSI, very easy setup.

  9. Network Counter
    Free - Platform(s): Unix / Linux
    This script allows you to get an accurate count of traffic on your whole network. If you have one site, you can have this script tell you how much traffic you are getting on each page in real time. You can put it on a network of sites and find out how much traffic you have on the whole network. It uses cookies and is not a hit counter. Web based stats page will tell you how many unique hits you have on each site and how many hits on each site came from one of your other sites.

  10. Perl CGI Scripts Counter
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script is a simple graphical counter it will be include in the IMG HTML Tag

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