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Counter Scripts
  1. Easy Counter from Servers.nu
    Free - Platform: Unix
    It's a simple counter that counts your visitors and log the refering URL. You may view the logfile via your webbrowser or the script can mail it to you.

  2. EasyStat
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95/98
    EasyStat is a web based tracking and reporting system that analyses web site traffic and generates customized tatistical reports in multiple languages.

  3. ExitSite
    $19.95 - Platform(s): Windows Unix
    This program can be used to find out how many visitors you are sending to your affiliate web site. Find out who, when and how many times someone has clicked on your link. The program is very easy to use. Put the link anywhere on your site and the program automatically adds this link into it's database. This software can be used on a Window or Unix server web site.

  4. EZClix
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    A simple way to count outgoing clicks to a single URL, from banners, images or text links. This script is not made for super high traffic numbers, but does a great job of seeing what is being sent thru a single link.

  5. EZCounter
    FREE - Platform(s): UNIX, LINUX, NT
    A basic text counter written in perl to keep count over how many hits your website gets. Extremely easy setup, requires no customization but does allow a few extra options to be set including a helpful log file which tracks visitors previous pages as well as their IP, host name and browser. Requires SSI to be executed.

  6. FM Click Tracker
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Ever wanted to know what link on your web site is clicked the most? Now you can! Click Tracker counts the amount of clicks received on links. It comes with an admin interface that displays the amount of clicks for each link with acompanying graph.

  7. Graphical Counter V 1.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A simple structure and graphical based counter. Easy to install. Featuring invisible counting and block the hit from page reloading.(SSI required.)

  8. HitMatic
    By using HTML tags on your web pages, the system maintains detailed counts of hits to each page, day and month for a year. It now also supports tracking groups of pages.

  9. Ignition Scripting: ISP Counter
    $10 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    ISP Counter is fantastic script which enables you to give your clients a graphical counter running from your server. It's also ideal if you're intrested in starting a remotely hosted counter service as it will run from any where in the world with a simple image tag.

  10. iServer - Simple Counter
    This script allows for both text and graphical counters. Requires SSI.

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