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Countdown and Calendar Scripts
  1. MinderMate
    $150 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    Fully featured reminder service site program that allows people to set reminders for themselves on your website, which then emails them for every reminder. Great way to get lots of advertising space free.

  2. PerlCal
    Free / $65 / $95 / $295 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Mac
    PerlCal Calendar is a cross-platform Web-served (CGI) calendar/scheduler. Online updating and administration, multiple databases, customizable views, user-preferences, and more.

  3. Reminders.pl
    $ 14.95 - Platform: Unix
    This Perl script allows you to run your own E-Mail reminder service. people can come to your site, fill in the dates they want to be reminded of. Seven days before and on the date they entered, they will be sent an E-Mail reminding them! Allows you to customize the E-Mail footers, and the "look" of the pages produced, and put your logo at the top of all the pages.

  4. TimeManager
    $400 - Platform: Unix
    A complete Time Management system via a web interface. Super easy and super flexible too.

  5. ToDo from CGI biz
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a Web-based To Do list management system. Features include: Easy to Install and Use, Template Based Architecture, Administration Panel, Multi User Support, Instant List Editing, and Full Automation.

  6. uReserve Online Resource Scheduling System
    $50.00 - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    uReserve is an online resource scheduling system that allows members in your organization to share and reserve any type of resource such as conference rooms, computer systems, electronic equipment, and more!

  7. Virtual MySql Calendar
    19.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    Mysql Calendar is a calendar program allowing multiple users to organize their lives. Users can add events to a calendar that starts in the early 1900's. The admin section is simple, but effective, it allows you to setup the mysql database eliminating a big hastle of trying to enter it manualy and an option which lists all of the users and their passwords. With these, you can enter any users calendar and modify/delete events or even the entire user. The colors and styling of the dynamicly generated webpage is completely customizable and can be changed to meet your websites needs.

  8. VisualCalendar
    965 - Platform(s): Unix
    VisualCalendar is a fully-featured web-based calendar application that integrates event scheduling, tasks, journals/diary, bookmarks and notes support in one unified platform. VisualCalendar answers to the needs of mobile workers, remote sites and all forms of corporate mobility as well as service providers. This solution includes tools able to optimize collaborators efficiency and to improve their exchanges with their colleagues, customers or partners. VisualCalendar is a highly scalable and robust calendaring platform designed to support millions of users while delivering the industry's best performance and availability. VisualCalendar is the most powerful enterprise-wide scheduling and collaboration solution available with an user-friendly interface that enables users to store schedules, appointments, task lists, journals, notes and bookmark information, all in one location, accessible from multiple devices, anywhere in the world. Additionally, VisualCalendar provides collaboration functionalities for workgroups, including calendar sharing, meeting invitations and tracking, task assignments, task status reports and journal exchange using the iCalendar standard.

  9. WebCal
    Free - Platform: Unix
    WebCal allows you to create and maintain an interactive events calendar or scheduling system on your Web site. The script can create calendars for any desired month from 1601 to 2899 A.D.; events to be displayed are stored in an easily-maintained data file. The data file can include singular, weekly, monthly and annual events, and those events can be linked to outside URLs for additional information. Calendars can be viewed in several different table grid formats or as simple text listings.

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