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  1. Andy's Netscape HTTP Cookie Notes: MacPerl Counter Example
    Andy Kington creates a couple of MAC-Perl cookies examples.

  2. Dave Bewley's cookie-test.pl
    This is an example to show how to set and retrieve a cookie.

  3. Lakeweb: The Cookie Test
    This is a technical example with subs for handling cookies.

  4. Matt's Script Archive: HTTP Cookie Library
    Matt Wright states: "HTTP Cookie Library is a Perl 4 and 5 compatible library which allows you to easily use Persistent Client State HTTP Cookies by allowing you to get the cookies from the environment, set cookies, cookies, compress multiple cookies into one, change the expiration date, domain and path, and more all with easy subroutine calls."

  5. SCAT - Sessioneer CGI Authorization Tool
    SCAT uses server cookies to maintain a client state. It patches the URLs to include the cookie. The cookie will then be included in all URLs for the system.

  6. The Last Cookie
    Free - Platform: Unix
    With this CGI you can display on your main page when pages or files on your site were last updated by you. The best part is that it will tell your visitors what pages they haven't visited since it has been updated!

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