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Classified Ads Scripts
  1. SunnyScript's Ads&Auctions
    Platform: Unix
    Now it's very easy to host your own auctions or provide a classified ads marketplace. Ads&Auctions can handle both applications and offers many advanced features: Build-in user anagement, ability to handle categories, login for registered users with access to user lounge (place ads, create auctions, modify settings). It's a matter of course that all actions can be done also moderated, so you have always full control over the system. Ads&Auctions - a professional auctions and classified ads system! The web-frontend is fully customizable according your needs and can be integrated into any existing website layout. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software!

  2. TotalDate
    $750 - Platform: Unix
    This is a FULL featured site program for Dating sites, including matchmaking, chat, messages, member email, profiling, horoscopes, online magazines, polling, upsell capacity built in, and much much more!!

  3. Vitual Yenta
    Free - Platform: Unix
    If you simply want to add an easy to use and even easier to manage, community building, Personal Ad system to your web site, try Virtual Yenta.

  4. WebAD Wizard Ad Mall Creator
    $495 or $39/month - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Easily run your own automated, income and traffic generating online ad mallplex, offering the Net's best full-page Web ADs. Enables you to offer free or fee-based full-page ads complete with photo, links, headlines and text. Advertisers can instantly place, edit and renew ads 24hrs a day. The "frontend" is a professionally designed automated website. The "backend" is a browser-based Admin Center where you customize and manage your site, settings and ads. No script editing or programming. Simple for everyone. Can bed used with an existing site, or as your main site. Free installation. Live demos. Lease, purchase, or host.

  5. World Wide Ad Maker
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script has many uses and can be modified to do quite a bit. As is, it is a script that allows you to register users who can create ads with pictures, description, and keywords. You can set up a default picture for those ads with no picture. It has a search page with allows users to search by category. You configure the categories in an easy array. You can use it as a classifieds, personal ads, penpals, etc, It allows users to mail back and forth WITHOUT revealing email address's. Its a lot like the World Wide Messenger when it comes to mailings. You can also configure the background and text colors.

  6. World Wide Classifieds
    $30 - Platform: Unix
    Classifieds script that has the following features: User registration. Editable registration. Picture uploading. Maximum file size. Maximum picture allowance. User interface to add or delete ad's, and pictures. Administration utility for deleting ad's and/or users. Auto-expiration of ad's. URL validation of pictures. User feedback. Bad word list as defined by Admin. Ban Email address's. Multi Email Address Blocker. Password retrieval. Cookies option. Unlimited Categories. Admin can limit the amount of posts a user can make (Anti-Spam). Many more than are listed here and many more to come!

  7. World Wide Classifieds 2.0
    $49.95 - Platform: Unix
    Latest version of the World Wide Classifieds! The Classifieds now run with a database end, and is Template driven. Here are some features: User registration; Database Driven; Template Driven; Browser Based Template Editing; Picture uploading; Administration utility for deleting ad's and/or users; and more.

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