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Chat Scripts
  1. Simple Chat
    Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Do you need a simple chat room for conducting business meetings or just chatting with friends ? Simple Chat is such a program. This is a single script program that creates a database of messages which are transcribed into each participants browser. Refresh times, color, and more are configurable. Includes documentation to help you get it up and running quickly.

  2. Simple Chat
    Free Evaluation. - Platform(s): Win32
    Chat room CGI program. Very easy to setup and use. Very efficient, as it is written in C++. It works on Win32 servers.

  3. Small World Chat
    $150 - Platform: Unix
    Current features include: integrated user interface, all in one screen; no download required; allow user to insert graphics within message; private messages; user can change room's topic/title; real-time refreshing on the display; private rooms; text color enhancement; Click and email to users on the user-list; anti-idle check and removal.

  4. SPAds PopChat
    $19.95 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    PopChat © (Pop up Chat Window) it's a fast, clean, no maintenance, Cool Chat program for your web site. Now works on Unix And Windows, along with Netscape and Explorer, Added options for Background and Font Colors! SPAds is year 2000 Compliant!

  5. Spice Chat
    $120 - Platform: Unix
    Spice Chat has any feature you may imagine a professional chat script needs: view little photo of other users while chat, private messages, ability to send files, pictures and sounds to other users, unlimited chat rooms, online users list, users personal profiles, built in anonymous mailer, profile search, and much more. It has some powerful admin utilities like: ban/unban an IP address, delete a user, send an email to all users also. Very easy to setup.

  6. Superchat
    Platform: Unix
    Web based chat similar to AOL. Members login with a unique username. The chat server offers members the ability to create their own public or private rooms. Each room displays a list of people in the room. Members may send private messages to anyone in the room or whisper to a member privately by selecting their name from the CHANNEL menu. Members may create room. After creating a new room a member may choose to be public or private thus turning the room into a public or private chat area.

  7. Talk'N Chat Rooms
    Platfom: Unix
    Features include: Registration so users can keep their own aliases; Private Messages between user in the same room and between users in different rooms; Users can create their own private rooms; User can ignore users.

  8. The Scripts Home: WWWChat
    Free / $25 - Platfom: Unix
    WWWChat allows your users to chat interactively with each other on your web site. It's easy to set up and allows you to have as many users in a room as possible. The script is very small and fast. It won't hog system resources when many attempt to enter the system.

  9. Visual Chat
    Visual Chat is a high performance program that provides full-featured chat solution in a non-JAVA environment. It combines outstanding performance and advanced features that allow you to create fast and graphics-rich (avatar) chats on both Internet and corporate intranets.

  10. WebConference
    $199/$399/$899/$1,499 - Platform: Unix
    So you're looking for an attractive, colorful, and fast Chatroom for your website, and don't want to put up with the hassle of plugins, the narrow-range or crashing of java, or the security problems and external software of IRC huh? Well we've got just the software package for you. It's called WebConference. It works on any browser, has a sleek interface, and is just as fast as IRC*, but doesn't require any special plugins your visitors will have to waste time downloading, can work with java-less browsers, and has advanced security features surpassing IRC PLUS your visitors won't have to download any client software.

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