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Chat Scripts
  1. LCARS Chat 2.0
    $29.95 - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    This is a Star Trek lovers dream! It has the fictional Star Trek LCARS computer interface for a very cool looking chat. Comes with lang file for easy language translations. Has admin and user control sections and comes with a ton of features - ban/unban, kick, private messages, save chat sessions, optional password protection and lots more.

  2. LIVE
    $289.00 - Platforms: Windows NT, 95,98
    LIVE is a 1-on-1 internet chat system that lets your website visitors chat immediately with your sales and support persons and/or departments. It is multi-client, multi-operator, multi-language and very easy for operators to use. Other features are automatic random messages, preformatted messages, opening web pages on the client PC, forms and webcam support. It is a complete system including administrator functions for user management, detailed logging and a management summary.

  3. Midmart Photo Chat
    $120.00 - Platform: Unix
    Midmart Photo Chat has any feature you may imagine a professional chat script needs: view little photo of other users while chat, private messages, ability to send files, pictures and sounds to other users, unlimited chat rooms, online users list, users personal profiles, built in anonymous mailer, profile search, and much more. It has some powerful admin utilities like: ban/unban an IP address, delete a user, send an email to all users also. Very easy to setup.

  4. PopChat
    $29 - Platforms: Unix
    SPAds' PopChat is a fast, clean, maintence-free, chat program for your website.

  5. PrO WeB icq v1.0
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/Linux
    This is a great little script if you are at School or at work. You can now send ICQ message to your friends from School or work. First you can search and find out if your ICQ number is ONLINE or OFFLINE. Then you can send you message to your friend

  6. Radiation Roundtable
    $1600 - Platforms: Unix
    Roundtable is a moderator-driven chat engine that runs (without any helper applications and without Java) on any frames-capable browser. Roundtable includes complete conference administration tools, up to 128 concurrent conferences, user-by-user moderation tools including "mute" and "ban", support for moderator message macros, user-to-user private messaging and a customizable look and feel.

  7. RealTime Aide Personal Edition
    $275.00 - Platform(s): Unix/Linux
    Add "live" customer service to your web site, easily. RTA Personal Edition features fully customizable Perl script and professionally design web pages. Features include up to 5 helpers online at one time, real time visitor domain name display, "email-a-chat", "push-a-hyperlink" functions and much more.

  8. Realtime Chat Server
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A real time chat server that does NOT use the web server to run it!

  9. RZ Chat
    $195 - Platforms: Unix, Windows NT
    RZ Chat features full adminstrator functions, creation of private rooms, full HTML support, logging capabilities, multiple chat channel support, easy customizablity and many others.

  10. Real Time Information system
    $50 / EUR 50 - Platform(s): Unix / Win NT
    The sripts may be included in a website to offer the oportunity to chat with a visitor, to send him to selected pages. Using phrases speeds up communication.

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