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Chat Scripts
  1. Chat-N-Time
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Chat-N-Time is a simple Perl real-time chat cgi for the web. It lets you hold real-time conversations on a web page. Users log in, and then can type what they'd like to say into a text box, and click a button. The chat window refreshes itself every 10 seconds or so, so that others looking at the page will be able to see the new addition to the conversation. This program requires the use of frames, though, so non-frame browsers won't be able to use it.

  2. Chat-Net Pro
    $150/$500 - Platform: Unix
    Each chat system consists of unlimited rooms, administration functions, different customized login areas with specified graphics. User can create their own rooms automaticly. Users can kick anyone out of their room. Chat system admins and/or network manager can ban ANYONE off the chat network, or chat system at any time. Users can send instant messages to ANYONE on the network. And more.

  3. Chatty Child
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Chatty Child is a fun, colorful and easy to use FREE chat program designed specifically for children.

  4. Chatty Child Pro
    $14.95 - Platform: Unix
    Chatty Child Pro is a fun, colorful and easy to use chat program designed specifically for children. A few features are: bad word filter function, viewer log, save chat sessions, chat room jukebox, admin section allows you to upload songs. Free installation. Lang file for easy language translations.

  5. Communique Chat
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    Communique Chat is an interactive Perl script that enables users to chat real-time on your web site. Some of the included features are: unlimited public and private rooms, unlimited users, filters user submitted HTML, and speed rivaling the more expensive chatroom scripts.

  6. csChat-R-Box: Freee Web Based Chat Script
    FREE - Platform(s): ALL
    Chat-R-Box is a FREE simple web based chat script that allows you to offer your web site visitors a place to go and chat with each other. Each user can select their own nickname and text color. This script is very easy to install and it is very easy to use. Download it today!

  7. CyberCortex Scripts
    $99.95 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    InstantTalk is a cusomizable customer service application. Users ask questions online through as small popup window, and receive instant responses from your customer service representatives. An administrative section allows your representatives to have multiple conversations, and also allows multiple representatives to handle requests. The administrative section allows you to logon and logoff representatives, add and delete representatives, and for limited customization of the look of the popup box, and for the manual removal of talk files. This server side script requires Perl 5 or better. Runs on UNIX or NT. The administrative and client portions use standard javascript commands and will work on all the major browsers.

  8. DarkChat
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Slightly modified version of Mike Wheeler's chat program, ChatPro.

  9. Dr. B's Virtual Conferencing Tool
    $29 - Platform: Unix
    A complete, real-time conferencing solution. Features include a design wizard with numerous format, display, and admin options; a session archiving and editing wizard; an archive search engine; a rich HTML conference environment; and much more. A perl-based engine combined with efficient caching results in a highly reliable solution for hosting conferences up to 50 users.

  10. Easy Chat
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a web-based chat. The application requires a frames-capable browser. There is a log feature which is useful for online meetings. Participants may also view a list of all current users.

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