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Bulletin Board Scripts
  1. The Scripts Home: WebNews
    $35 - Platform: Unix
    WebNews allows you to easily get news to your visitors by setting up a news system. Just type in your message and it is automatically added to the list of news available for users to read. When a user visits your news page, they can peruse through the list of news and simply select one to view. The news can also be easily deleted from the system.

  2. Ultimate Bulletin Board
    Free / $152 / $340 / $499 / $899
    The word "ultimate" apltly describes this widely-used bulletin board systems. Many sites have opted to implement this BBS because of its unique interface, extensive administrative features, and easy customization.

  3. UltraBoard
    Free - Platform: Unix
    UltraBoard is a powerful, easy to use, easy to navigate and fully customizable bulletin board system. It will provide you with the most flexible, selectible, and reliable discussion area you can get without paying. It can quickly add interactive message boards to any web site.

  4. uSgnIn
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    uSignIn makes it easy to track the people in your organization. Ever try to contact a colleague only to find that they weren't in the office? Finally there's one place to look for information about the people you need. uSignIn allows employees to stay in touch using a standard web browser by organizing employee schedule and contact information into simple to read web pages. All employee entries include an email contact and personal web page link for additional information. uSignIn is easy to install, requires virtually no administration and is customizable.

  5. WebBBS
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Unlike most other such boards, though, WebBBS stores messages as simple text files and creates HTML pages "on the fly." This means that the message index can be tailored by the user based on date and/or subject (via built-in keyword search capability), and can be viewed as either a chronological or a threaded list. It also means that administration is a breeze! WebBBS supports automatic quoting of message text and e-mail notification of those who want to know immediately when a new message has been posted. It also offers an archive-only option and "cookie" support!

  6. Webbbs NT
    Free - Platform: WinNT
    One of the most powerful Bulletin Boards available! The original script was UNIX based but warranted this port to WindowsNT/BLAT. Comes complete with all email and digest features.

  7. Wextra!
    $199.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Wextra! is a suite of site enhacing scripts that work together. Wextra! includes forum style bulletin boards, content management, a link manager, a registered user manager, and event driven or ad hos personalized e-mail messages. Also outputs content for WAP via WML. Designed for systems with Perl/MySQL, works great on virtual hosted sites.

  8. WWW BBS
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Revised version now includes a simple search function to allow users to search from comments file by a keyword. Follow-up posting feature also added.

  9. yCHAT Board
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95, Win98
    yCHAT Board is a CGI program written in Perl 5. Installation is simple and easy to handle. Messages posted the script will also automatically send email to you directly.

  10. YTP-BBS
    Free - Platforms: Unix
    A BBS that has many cool features. It's quite unlike other bulletin boards. Easy configuration. Many options. Moreover, it's FREE!! Features include: Mailing list function; Message indexes can be sorted as threaded, chronological order and according to author; Easy customization by modifying the configuration file; 3 boards can be run at the same time; 2 language modes (English & Japanese); Search function; Cookie support; and more.

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