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Bulletin Board Scripts
  1. Reviews Community v3.0
    $211.00 - Platform(s): Linux, WinNT, Win2000
    ScriptDesigners Reviews will allow the building of online communities through the use of collaborative filtering. Allow members and visitors to post reviews and ratings in different categories and on any topic established by the administrator. Individual reviews are tallied to create a ranking/rating scale for each topic. Each reviewer can review and rate a topic based on different criteria set by the administrator. Even the reviews can be rated based on how helpful it was to the reader! And with a professionally designed template-based user interface, you can put it to work immediately!

  2. RUBoard
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    Ruboard is a simple, configurable web board - a place where people can discuss things interactively usign their browsers. Ruboard is based on heavily redesigned and rewritten WWWBoard by Matthew Wright. Supports multiple languages (Russian and English for now).

  3. RZ Forum
    $100 - Platform(s): Unix
    RZ Forum is a highly advanced, easy to use threaded message forum system for your web page. It allows classified postings, threaded discussions and a lot more.

  4. SiteBeater Message Board
    free beta - Platform(s): Win2k & MSSQL 2k
    The SiteBeater Message Board/Forum System integrates with the SiteBeater Foundation to create the most powerful Message Board/Forum avaliable! The complete SiteBeater System is avaliable free during the beta for those who qualify.

  5. SiteNet BBS
    Shareware/$79 - Platform(s): Unix/NT
    Add a full set of professional and attractive forums to your web site with ease. Fast, customizable, unlimited forums, moderation, upload of user images, user profiles, optional user registration, emoticons, e-mail notification and many other features. Also comes with extensive admin and moderator admin panels to manage all aspects of your forums. Also included is a special setup interface to ensure easy installation.

  6. Sporum
    $39 - Platforms: Unix, Windows
    Sporum is a powerful web-based discussion forum. Its features include user registration, cookie-base login, built-in search engine, multiple forums, highly customizable with the built in administration package and much more. Sporum uses SQL server to store data so postings and searches ran on the forum are extremely fast and efficient.

  7. StepWeb's Message Bulletin
    Message Bulletin is a very neat Message Board, that prints out "From whom", "To whom", "Subject", "Time", and its level of "Priority". When a Message is entered, it prints out a new, seperate file which gets linked to the Main Board. Expiration Date feature on messages is also available.

  8. Techno Trade's Web Based Message Board
    This script allows users to join in a discussion group by reading and posting messages. Users get a friendly graphical interface with icons for navigation, posting etc. and is very simple to use. This board does'nt make a mess on your server by creating tons of directories and files each time a posting is made. Instead it just uses one text file for all the postings in a discussion group.

  9. The Project Channel
    $250 - Platform(s): Unix
    Streamline your client interaction and project team workflow with The Project Channel module. The Project Channel is a cross-platform, cross-browser interactive collaboration module establishing one access point for all your client and project team communications accessible through your Web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BEST OF ALL: the complete module is configured through only 1 file making it a snap to set up. The module can also be "cloned" for an unlimited number of clients. Self-contained areas with full administrative control include Reviews, Status, Resources, File Upload Area, Project Member Contact Database, Calendar.

  10. The Scripts Home: WebForum
    $10 / $35 - Platform: Unix
    WebForum is an easy-to-use and set-up message forum system. It allow visitors to read, post, and reply to messages in an unlimited number of forums.

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