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Bulletin Board Scripts
  1. Aborior's Encore Web Forum
    Free/$150 - Platform: Unix, Windows
    Encore Web Forum provides a message board system unequalled in flexibility and custom options. With ease of use for beginners and high performance for experts, it is arguably the most versatile and customisable forum system available. A myriad of features include true 100% customisation, simple yet powerful multiple site support and an "as-you-browse" integrated message management system.

  2. Aborior's Encore Web Forum II
    Free/$150 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows
    An attractive, fully featured and easy to use message board for your online community. Entirely template driven with flexible themes to allow easy but complete customisation. Communicate with private messages, polls, real-time chat, both threaded and linear message formats, full search features and a myriad of other unique and exciting features. Moderate easily as you browse the forum, with a large number of administrative tools available. Graphical install gets you up and running painlessly from your own PC. Powered by an SQL database such as MySQL or SQL Server, or a flat-file database. Supports mod_perl and its own caching mechanism for optimal performance.

  3. Advanced Message Board
    Free / $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    A simple structure and easy to install BBS script. You can turn the HTML tags on or off by setting the variables inside the script. The script also supports footer and header, so you can make every post look like rest of your pages.

  4. aGNeS BBS
    Free / $250 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Solaris, FreeBSD
    aGNeS is a full featured threaded BBS allowing endless posts, multiple boards and mainly a totally customizable layout through separate templates. It can be used remotely. Free for non-commercial use.

  5. AnyBoard web message board
    A very versatile and powerful Web message board system. Features include: message presentation control (level adjustable threading, multi-page links, text inline, subject/author searching), user access control (register, login, disable), board policy /presentation control (board header/footer, label, etc.), message management (deletion,archiving), multiple board creation/deletion ... All these done by access the same program (CGI URL) using your browser.

  6. Aril Message Board
    $400 - Platform(s): Unix
    The Aril Message board breeds community! Are you tired of those linear message boards, which look good, but don't encourage conversation? The Aril Messaging script is specificly designed to let you form a community, which will last the test of time! Plus, the board pages look beautiful (naturally!).

  7. Auto-Clubs
    $899.00 - Platform: Unix
    Why simply offer forums when you can offer your members their own private clubs which they can promote and maintain? Each club gets its own forum, news page, image gallery and links, making it a great place to hangout. Integrated banner support and total customization allow you, the administrator, to control and benefit from the clubs also. Auto-Clubs is a must-have for any serious community site.

  8. BBMatic BBS for the Web
    Adds and retrives users' threaded posts. All the text that is to be displayed on the main page is saved in the main database file. Multiple forums (bulletin boards) can be run from one script, by using a separate directory for each set of datafiles. If users' browser supports 'frames', the script will create the main window and a bottom window to display full text of a thread, refered to as 'full' screen and 'split' screen. User can switch between full/split if frames-capable browser.

  9. Beeboard
    $39.95 - Platform: Unix
    Fully customizable bulletin board system. No knowledge of perl or cgi needed to install, thanks to installer wizard that sets up your board for you. Email notification, private forums, many hidden admin features for maintaining your forums on the fly. Freeware version available upon request.

  10. Billow BBS
    Free / $100 - Platform: Unix
    A powerful free Web based WWWBBS written in PERL, supports almost all the features of a Telnet BBS. Including articles, users (group and lever), group boards, boards, digests, mailbox, online state, realtime message, chat room, A.D. And all the above can be managed online.

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