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Banner Ad Scripts
  1. Radiation AMS Lite
    Platforms: Unix
    Each AMS Lite system maintains only one list of advertisers, and calls to the ad system (executed through Server Side Include) pick one of these ads on a random basis. Each ad exposure and click-thru is recorded as part of the statistical analysis report.

  2. Random Ad
    Free - Platforms: Unix
    This Perl script allows users to display ads randomly from a given data file. The script picks a random banner out of a list to load. The user simply need to specify the file and directory that has the data file of banners and a HTML template file to be used.

  3. Random Banner Rotation by SFE Software
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    This script alows you to control banner rotation on a web site. You can add, remove, and edit banners from the web based Control Panel, as well as view Impressions, Clicks, and Click-through ratio statistics for each banner individually. From the control panel you can set the Image URL, Click URL, height, width, alt text, and weight of each banner. The weight decides how often a particular banner will show up - a weight of 2 means it is twice as likely to show as a banner with a weight of 1. Requires SSI.

  4. RZ Ad
    $100 - Platform: Unix
    RZ Ad is a random banner rotation system for your web page. It will allow you to place paid (or free) advertisements on your sites, and allow your advertisers to track statistics on their ads.

  5. SFE Banner Control Center
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    A full featured Banner Advertisement Control Center. Choose to rotate ads randomly or in order. Powerful Admin section. Many new features and bug fixes in version 3.0. SSI is no longer required -- include a banner in any web page with one simple line of JavaScript! Perl 5 is required.

  6. Show & Sell
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Allows you to display and track advertisements on your web site. Features include : a simple and quick installation process, a user friendly form based configuration system including password protection, full control over the slogan font size and colour and logging of all displays and clicks of advertisements.

  7. SimpleBanner
    $100 - Platform: Unix
    This is a small but fast banner rotator available in both standard Perl and MySQL versions.

  8. SimpleCycle
    $450 - Platform: Unix
    This script allows you to customize banners for each of your domains. It allows you to allow others to have your banners on their sites in a very simple and fast way, with full control and rotation.

  9. Simple yet EFFECTIVE Ad Banner Displayer
    $65 - Platform: Unix
    An Advertisement Banner Script that is simple and Effective. Features Include: Animated Gif, GIF, JPG, or any other browser accepted image file; Statistics log for each Ad clicked; Timer settings for each Advertisement; Include Background picture to Ad (adjustable Height & Width); Use on Frames or without Frames; Works through simple text database. Create database with any text editor; Supported only by browsers that use the REFRESH tag

  10. SimpleBanner (DBM)
    $100 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    This is a small but fast banner rotator available in both standard Perl and MySQL versions.

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